Garden of the Gods Photo Journal

standard September 27, 2016 1 response

garden-of-the-gods-1Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I was at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It feels just like yesterday… (More Colorado photo journals coming up.) This was another trip that I went on solo. The first one was last year to Sydney. Although both trips were great, I really love traveling with somebody because you get to experience and talk about the places/adventures together. My goal is to travel more as well because traveling feeds my soul and makes me really happy. Friends and family reading this, let’s go somewhere 😉

Anyway, I was in my friend’s wedding and I knew I would have some time to explore outside the wedding festivities, so the first place I went to when I arrived in Colorado (after going to the car rental shop) was to the Garden of the Gods. This park is really amazing because the formations and the colors of the rocks are just incredible. I wish it wasn’t so overcast when I went because these photographs don’t do justice to the vibrant colors. It was fun walking around and exploring the park. There was no entrance fee, so that made the experience even better. My only regret is that I didn’t go to Seven Falls which was about twenty minutes from there. I miscalculated my timing and days, but that’s ok because it’ll give me a reason to go back and visit the garden-of-the-gods-3 garden-of-the-gods-4 garden-of-the-gods-5 garden-of-the-gods-6 garden-of-the-gods-7 garden-of-the-gods-8garden-of-the-gods-1

Thanks to the lovely stranger who took my photograph on my iPhone 🙂

Rust Suede

standard September 26, 2016 1 response

rust-suede-2I’m obsessed with this beautiful rust suede skirt from Tobi! It’s the perfect skirt for the Indian summer we’re having right now and it’ll transition perfectly for fall. This season, it’s all about suede, mini skirts and 90s; obviously this whole look is winning! You all know how I love a good crop top/high waist combination and by pairing an open toe bootie, a simple choker and sunnies, you have yourself the best of all the trends together, but not overly done. I hate wearing trend upon trend, but these pieces are timeless and you’ll wear them over and over again, not just this season.

Also, what better way to welcome in the fall season than with a corn field backdrop. I was amazed at how tall the corn stalks were and how it still feels like summer. Right now is my ideal weather. Not scorching hot, but not cold at all. We’ve been spoiled with the weather, and I’m hoping that lasts a bit longer.

A tidbit for you all is that I’ve had my star choker necklace since junior high. I even wore it for my eighth grade school picture, so it’s truly from the 90s. I’m so happy that I’ve kept it all these years because it’s pretty amazing that I’ve been able to hold onto it all these years, but the fact that it still fits and is sooo on trend right now.

rust-suede-1 rust-suede-6 rust-suede-3 rust-suede-4 rust-suede-7 rust-suede-9 rust-suede-10 rust-suede-5 rust-suede-8

Tobi c/o: Skirt in Rust ~ Skirt in Black // Forever 21: Crop Top (option) // Shoemint: Booties (option) // Loft: Sunglasses // Choker (option, option, option)

*Thank you Tobi for collaborating with me on this post. All opinions are my own.
Photography: Eleni of Limani Designs

Polka Dot Jumpsuit

standard September 21, 2016 Leave a response

polka-dot-jumpsuit-4This polka dot jumpsuit may be the best steal I have ever found at Anthropologie! Can you believe that it was only $10!!! I know; it’s crazy. Every time I walk into Anthropologie, I want everything but it’s always crazy expensive. I happened to find this one when my friend Jill needed to return something at the mall when I was visiting her in Salt Lake City. I just wandered into the sale section and there she was waiting for me to take her home with me! I’m a big fan of jumpsuits and polka dots so this was a great piece to pick up.
polka-dot-jumpsuit-3 polka-dot-jumpsuit-2 polka-dot-jumpsuit-1Anthropologie: JUMPSUITS  POLKA DOTS // Kem: Handbag (option) ~ CROSS BODY HANDBAGS // Urban Outfitters: Sandals (option) ~ GLADIATOR SANDALS // Ralph Lauren: Sunglasses (option) ~ TORTOISE SUNGLASSES

Photography: Samantha Kramer

Dark Floral Romper

standard September 20, 2016 2 responses

dark-floral-romper-1Alert, alert – this dark floral romper is on SALE! It’s hit or miss when I go to H & M, but this romper has seen a lot of wear and it still feels brand new. Plus, you can’t beat the $17.99 price tag! I’ll still wear this little romper even when it is a little bit chillier, but I’ll add a cardigan and some tights just so that it’s still an option to wear. But for now, I’ll just stick with just the romper 😉 Again, season versatility is really important when buying new articles of clothing.
dark-floral-romper-2 dark-floral-romper-3 dark-floral-romper-5 dark-floral-romper-4 dark-floral-romper-6H&M: Romper ~ ROMPERS // Nine West: Booties ~ OPEN TOE BOOTIES // Loft: Sunglasses ~BLACK SUNGLASSES

Photography: Eleni of Limani Designs

Denim & Lace

standard September 16, 2016 2 responses

denim-lace-3It’s Fri-nally the weekend and I couldn’t be more happy to celebrate the work week ending by wearing one of my all time favorite combinations – denim & lace. I’m a huge fan of denim shirts and I like how this chambray top from Humble Chic NY has dangling buttons and foldable sleeves. I added the tie at the bottom because why not?! I’m also happy that this delicate lace skirt is now part of my closet collection. There’s also a matching top that I haven’t worn just yet but have the perfect occasion coming up to wear it soon..

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

denim-lace-2 denim-lace-7 denim-lace-5 denim-lace-6 denim-lace-4

Humble Chic NY c/o: Denim Shirt // Express: Skirt ~ LACE FAVORITES // Hush Puppies c/o: Booties // Loft: Sunglasses

Photography: Eleni of Limani Designs