Summer Soirée

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Summer Soiree

Summer Soiree - 8It’s not summer without my favorite arm soirée making an appearance! I pretty much wear these bracelets (and shoes) almost every day. I just love the bright colors and this Zara dress has been my definition of summer as well. I can’t believe my summer break is almost over 🙁 but this just means I need to savor every moment. I’m going to miss the beautiful weather and the freedom to do whatever I want during week days – that in itself is quite the soirée. On that note, it’s time to leave my apartment and go outside and have myself a little party 😉
Summer Soiree - 9 Summer Soiree - 1 Summer Soiree - 5 Summer Soiree - 6 Summer Soiree - 4 Summer Soiree - 10 Summer Soiree - 11 Summer Soiree - 7 Summer Soiree - 3 Summer Soiree - 2Zara: Dress (option) // Hush Puppies: Sandals // Hermes: Bangles // Ralph Lauren: Sunglasses (option)

Photography: Ashley of Sed Bona

Channeling Jakob

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Channeling Jakob

Channeling Jakob - 1Since it’s Lollapalooza week here in Chicago, I’m channeling Jakob, one of my favorite artists ever. The love affair started back in junior high school and has never ended. I have seen The Wallflowers numerous times, but a couple of weeks ago, I met Jakob Dylan in person. I was so nervous speaking to him and I totally blanked for a second. He was seriously so nice and I could stare into those baby blue eyes all day (LOL). Doesn’t my hat looks like his?! Easy breezy tanks, flare jeans and wedge sandals are perfect for boho/festival looks. Add an impressive arm party and a of course sunnies, and you’re ready to rock on! I’ll be catching some after shows this week and I can’t wait!

Channeling Jakob - 2 Channeling Jakob - 3 Channeling Jakob - 4 Channeling Jakob - 5 Channeling Jakob - 6 Channeling Jakob - 7 Channeling Jakob - 8 Channeling Jakob - 9 Channeling Jakob - 10Channeling Jakob - 1Gap Factory: Jeans (option) // Hush Puppies: Sandals // H&M: Shirt (option) // Ralph Lauren: Hat (option) & Sunglasses (option)

Photography: Eleni of Limani Designs


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Adventurer - 1Lately, I’ve been quite the adventurer! I love being on summer break because I get to explore the outdoors more and really appreciate nature. Last week I went to Starved Rock State Park with my sister and brother-in-law and we had so much fun on a hike. We couldn’t believe how beautiful the park was and how we felt like we were in a completely different place other than Illinois! I highly recommend going there if you need a little escape from the city.

Earlier this summer, I went on an amazing volunteering trip to the Dominican Republic. I did have some time though to explore the natural beauty of the country as well. If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Dominican Republic, I HIGHLY recommend going to the Damajaqua Cascades (27 Waterfalls)! It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I went with my friend Sapna and some other friends we met on the cruise and had the most fun day ever. Waterfalls are my favorite natural element and I couldn’t help myself from smiling and laughing the whole time because I really was having the time of my life (I may have swallowed some water due to this, but it didn’t matter)!!! Also, definitely stop by Las Cuevas De Cabarate for some cave jumping and swimming.

What both of these adventures had in common was my Jambu Oklahoma shoes! They are seriously the most comfortable exploring shoes ever and without them, I don’t believe my adventures could have been as fun as they were. They were able to keep my feet safe and cute while trekking through waterfalls and trails. Get yourself outside adventuring too and order a pair of the exclusive for Nordstrom Oklahoma’s now during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! You’ll thank me later 😉

Adventurer - 3 Adventurer - 4 Adventurer - 8 Adventurer - 5 Adventurer - 6 Adventurer - 7 Adventurer - 2Starved Rock State Park

Jambu c/o: Shoes // Old Navy: Shirt (option) // Nike: Leggings // Ray-Ban: Sunglasses

Photography: Eleni of Limani Designs

Adventurer - 1Adventurer - 2 Adventurer - 3 Adventurer - 4 Adventurer - 5 Adventurer - 6 Adventurer - 7

27 Waterfalls

Jambu c/o: Shoes // Old Navy: Shorts

*Thank you Jambu for collaborating with me. All opinions are my own.

Touch of Teal

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Touch of Teal

Touch of Teal - 1Just a touch of teal to brighten up my LWD (little white dress). I can’t stress enough how much I wear this dress all summer long and for years! There are so many ways to wear a dress like this without breaking the bank. Belts and vests are great ways to add something different to the dress. Same goes with shoes. I’ve also had these lace up gladiator sandals forever, but you can wear different types of sandals and/or heels/wedges to make it more dressy.

When it comes to a simple dress like this, the possibilities are endless and I’m all about getting as much wear out of my summer wardrobe because of the limited amount of beautiful weather. I’ll also be layering this dress for pre-fall and this denim vest is best worn year round 😉Touch of Teal - 10 Touch of Teal - 9 Touch of Teal - 4 Touch of Teal - 7 Touch of Teal - 5 Touch of Teal - 3 Touch of Teal - 8 Touch of Teal - 6 Touch of Teal - 2Gap: Dress (option) & Vest (option) // Urban Outfitters: Sandals (option) // Ralph Lauren: Sunglasses (option) // Hermes: Bangle

Photography: Eleni of Limani Designs

Sprinkles Cupcakes

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Sprinkles - 5Today is our lucky day everybody because Sprinkles Cupcakes‘ (50 East Walton Street) ATM is loaded with “golden tickets” for customers to win their choice of 2-pints of the Red Velvet handcrafted ice cream shipped directly to their home. ALSO, the first 100 customers will receive a FREE scoop of the Red Velvet handcrafted Sprinkles Ice Cream (sweet cream layered with bites of Sprinkles Cupcakes’ iconic red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting).

In honor of this majestic day, I went where no ordinary person has gone before: the KITCHEN of Sprinkles Cupcakes! I learned how to make the perfect Sprinkles Sundae and it was the best thing ever to happen to me. Try these steps at home!
  1. First, remove the cupcake wrapper from the cupcake.
  2. Sprinkles Cupcakes are delicate, so you’ll want to gently remove the cupcake top from the bottom. Do this by holding the cupcake top with one hand.
  3. Hold it still. With the other hand, slowly twist the cupcake bottom clockwise until it cleanly separates from the top.
  4. Pop the cupcake bottom into a glass. Add a heaping scoop of ice cream. Finish it off with the cupcake top.
  5. ENJOY!!!
Sprinkles - 3Sprinkles - 4Sprinkles - 1Sprinkles - 2Sprinkles - 6Sprinkles - 7*Thank you Sprinkles Cupcakes for this amazing treat! All opinions are my own.