That’s A Wrap

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That's A Wrap

That's A Wrap - 1 It’s the final week of classes, so basically that’s a wrap of the 2015-2016 school year! I’m happy that we’re ending early this year because it’s been a hard year and I definitely need a break. I’m not going to lie, but I’m super pumped about summer. Even though I only have my trip to the Dominican Republic planned which I’m definitely bringing this wrap dress with, I’m okay with just seeing where the summer will take me. I’ll just be happy to create my own time schedule again and to catch up with friends and family. On that note, anybody want to go on a trip with me?! I’m open to suggestions 🙂

P.S. how cool is this new mural in the West Loop (by the Morgan L stop) by Lauren Asta?!

P.S.S. Start building your summer wardrobe by using the code LIKEIT for 15% off your purchase on Humble Chic NY.That's A Wrap - 2 That's A Wrap - 3 That's A Wrap - 5 That's A Wrap - 4 That's A Wrap - 6 That's A Wrap - 7 That's A Wrap - 8 That's A Wrap - 9 That's A Wrap - 10 That's A Wrap - 11

Humble Chic NY c/o: Wrap Dress // Nine West (old): Shoes (option, option) // Ralph Lauren: Sunglasses (option) // Accessorize (old): Necklace (option)

*Thank you Humble Chic NY for collaborating. As always, all opinions are my own.
Photography: Xristina

Vibrant Violet

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Vibrant Violet

Vibrant Violet - 4Today is my last day of track and I’m so excited because it’s been a long season, but it’s finally time for my own fitness level to elevate again with all my free time and what better way to get started than by wearing cute workout clothes like this vibrant violet Humble Chic NY sports bra and pixelated floral pants?! No better way if you ask me. My favorite part of the sports bra is not only the color – my favorite (and it also comes in 8 other colors), but I love the criss cross back. It’s so stylish, comfortable and only $24. Use the code likeit for 15% off. My mood is immediately so much better after working out and a little help from the sun doesn’t hurt either. Now, let’s get this school year finished so I can wear these types of clothes all summer long.
Vibrant Violet - 2 Vibrant Violet - 7 Vibrant Violet - 5 Vibrant Violet - 3 Vibrant Violet - 1 Vibrant Violet - 8 Vibrant Violet - 9 Vibrant Violet - 6

Humble Chic NY c/o: Criss Cross Sports Bra (comes in one size) // RBX via TJ Maxx: Pants (option) // New Balance: Sneakers // Old Navy: Shirt (option) // Marc Jacobs: Sunglasses (option) // Calvin Klein: Sweatshirt (option)

*Thank you Humble Chic NY for collaborating with me on this post. All opinions are my own.
Photography: Eleni of Limani Designs

Big Shoulders Coffee

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Big Shoulders Coffee

Big Shoulders Coffee - 8This past Saturday, I did one of the most exciting things I have ever done – I got to visit the Big Shoulders Coffee shop’s roastery and got a behind the scenes look at all things coffee! My life definitely revolves around coffee, so learning about the beans and the process of how they turn into that morning/late morning/afternoon cup of coffee was so interesting. The founder of Big Shoulders Coffee, Tim Coonan, spoke about coffee like it’s his baby and I totally love that. He’s so passionate about his business and coffee and you could totally tell that everybody on his staff as well feels the same about bringing good coffee to us Chicagoans.  Big Shoulders Coffee is located at 1105 West Chicago Avenue and various retail locations throughout the Chicagoland area. It’s open bright and early at 6AM until 7PM.

The process begins by getting the coffee beans. Big Shoulders Coffee - 5 Big Shoulders Coffee - 7Then the beans enter the machine below where they get roasted.Big Shoulders Coffee - 4Then ta-da! Roasted coffee beans!Big Shoulders Coffee - 2 Big Shoulders Coffee - 3Next, brew some coffee.Big Shoulders Coffee - 1And ENJOY 🙂Big Shoulders Coffee - 6

According to Tim, here are his tips on how to brew a great cup of coffee:

Use a Chemex, Kalita Wave or Clever Dripper.

  1. Keep your equipment clean.
  2. Use fresh coffee, visit Big Shoulders weekly! Or pick up a bag of Big Shoulders beans at your local Mariano’s or Whole Foods stores.
  3. Match the grind to the brewing method and use a burr grinder. *A common mistake is grinding too fine.
  4. Use a scale and a ratio of 1 part coffee to 15 parts water as a starting point and play with this mix based on brewing method and your flavor preference. An example is 33 grams of coffee to 500 grams of water.
  5. Use filtered water heated to 204 degrees.
  6. Bloom the coffee by pouring just enough to moisten the grounds but not actually brew, allowing the water and coffee to get to know each other and not have just a fleeting romance.
  7. Allow 1 minute after the bloom before you start to actually brew.

Auto Drip Brewing Method:

  1. Repeat steps 1 & 2 from above.
  2. A basic formula for home auto-brewing is two tablespoons of freshly ground Big Shoulders coffee per cup of coffee. It is a very common mistake to under-dose the coffee. By following the above, you will make your morning coffee an extravagant and very affordable luxury.
*Thank you Big Shoulders Coffee for the behind the scenes action. As always, all opinions are my own.

Color POP

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Color POP

Color POP - 2I hope you all got to stop by the Clinique popcorn food truck this weekend because it was a lot of fun and I definitely loved all the bright colors – it’s definitely color pop time! The bright colors totally make me wish that summer were here already. Two more weeks until summer break and I can’t contain my excitement any longer. Back to the pop corn food truck… First of all, all the lipsticks and lip glosses were so pretty. Just for stopping by the truck, guests received some Runway Coral lipstick and a special scratch off ticket for some more products (I got an eye pencil). There was also a gif photo booth and many different flavors of popcorn. I was even lucky even to go in the food truck which was sooo much fun 🙂
Color POP - 4 Color POP - 5 Color POP - 6 Color POP - 7 Color POP - 3 Color POP - 8 Color POP - 9 Color POP - 10

J. Crew via Crossroads Trading: Skirt (option) // YiYi Fashion via Samantha: Crop Top (optionoption) // Gap: Shoes (steal, splurge) & Jacket (option) // Sunglass Warehouse c/o: Sunglasses (option) // Hermes: Bracelets

Photography: Eleni of Limani Designs

Clinique’s Lip Pop, Pop Star Food Truck

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Cinique's Lip Pop Pop Star Food Truck - 1

Cinique's Lip Pop Pop Star Food Truck - 1Attention friends – Clinique’s Lip Pop, Pop Star Food Truck is coming to the Chicagoland area this weekend (May 13th & 14th)! The Clinique Lip Pop, Pop Star Food Truck encourages women to be their own Pop Star. The Pop Star Food Truck will have the latest shades from Clinique’s Lip Pop Colour Collection and even some gourmet popcorn with flavors inspired by the collection shades. There will even be a fun mobile GIF booth and you’ll get to view the industry’s first interactive music video at whom Clinique partnered up with Pop Artist, Zara Larsson. Make sure you tag your photos with #PlayWithPop and @Clinique 🙂