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You can’t go to Athens without visiting the Acropolis. I went for my fourth time this summer (even though I can’t seem to find photos from my third time there) and I <still> loved it!! I remember the first time I went with my family, we were so excited and that feeling still occurs every time I go up there and every time I look up at it from all parts of the city. It’s crazy to think that something so ancient and grand has withstood the test of time and weather.

It was also fun to see the Acropolis from Monica and Dan’s eyes because it was their first time there. Actually, Dan knew more about the Acropolis than I did, so it was fun to hear stories that he knew. It was like he was our own tour guide 🙂 After the Acropolis, it’s a must to go to the museum to see the real Maidens and other artifacts. Enjoy the virtual tour!! I’ve included some vintage gems below from 1993 and 2000.

Monastiraki Square

Ancient Theater

Steps up to the Acropolis




Porch of the Maidens

Just one of the Maidens 😉




Olive Tree = Friendship

One of my favorite views behind the Porch of the Maidens


The Real Maidens in the Museum

View from the Museum

My favorite

My family’s first time at the Acropolis, 1993. My Uncle Souli, my mom, Afroditi, me, Dio and Eleni

The Porch of the Maidens Afroditi, Dio, me and Eleni

My siblings with my Aunt Xristina and my Uncle Souli

90s realness

2000; Me, Dio, Eleni and Afroditi


My Aunt Xristina and me 🙂

My dad is on the left. I found this photo while trying to find the others. It’s from 1966 when he was 18! What a stud.

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