How To Wear A Summer Dress In The Winter

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walking down the stairs

black floral print summer dressHow to wear a summer dress in the winter is really easy. First, take your favorite summer dress and start layering! Wear some tights, booties and a chambray shirt. Tie it up to give yourself a defined waist. You can also wear a sweater over the dress and don’t be afraid to add color! A bright sweater can definitely change your mood in an instant! You can even wear a chambray shirt and a sweater for some extra warmth!

Since the weather in Chicago, changes constantly (remember last weekend when it was 70 degrees?!), I like to keep my entire wardrobe in my closet. I used to pack away seasonal items, but now I just keep everything out all the time and layer or de-layer accordingly. This way, I get more wear out of my clothes than just when they are in season, per se.

how to wear a summer dress in the winterwalking down the stairs in floral print dresssummer floral print dressfloral print dress with a tie knot chambray shirtblue vintage handbagwalking in a floral print summer dresslaughing in a floral print dresssmiling in a summer floral print fit and flare dresstwirling around in a summer to winter dresswalking in a floral print dress with black bootiesOld Navy: Dress // Merona: Shoes // Shirt: (option) // Hue: Tights // Vintage Handbag: (option) // Butterfly Necklace: (option)

Photography: Monica Modzelewski

Lace Illusion

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Last night, I checked out Rhyme or Reason (1938 W. Division), a 1970s inspired gastropub, in this lace illusion-like top. I felt it kind of went with the theme and groovy vibe of the night. It looks like it’s just the burgundy lace, but there is a nude under layer; hence the illusion of this top. I have a matching skirt and I can’t wait to wear it again!

The “warm” weather and the company, Jesi and Lauren, made a Wednesday night feel like the weekend. Everything we ate was delicious and the banana dessert was my favorite, so I highly recommend ordering it. The DJ spinning on vinyl added to the cool atmosphere and the teal suede-like booths are sooo 70s. It’s also quite nice that the actual weekend is almost here as well. Cheers to short work weeks! Express: Top // Levi’s: Jeans // Marc Jacobs: Sunglasses // Zara: Shoes (option)

Photography: Jesi Kocin 

How to Dress Up A Sweatshirt

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how to dress up a sweatshirt

how to dress up a sweatshirt

There are simply some days when I just want to wear a sweatshirt and I think if I can pull it off and the answer is yes! Dressing up a sweatshirt is so easy, actually. First, find your favorite sweatshirt. Then wear some skinny jeans, a fabulous pair of shoes and some fun accessories. Even the most plain and baggy sweatshirt will look dressed up no matter what. I call this look my dishelved, yet put together outfit. I obviously can’t wear this shirt to work, but it’s perfect for the weekend or any night out. What I really like about it is that it’s super comfortable. It almost feels like I’m wearing my lounge wear in public and I am perfectly okay with it!
chicago fashion bloggerdistressed sweatshirtdistressed cold shoulder sweatshirtdistressed sweatshirt and jeans with bow tie heelsbow tie heelsbanana republic bow tie heels

Ten Sixty Sherman: Sweatshirt (option) // Gap: Jeans (option) // Banana Republic: Shoes // Marc Jacobs: Sunglasses (option) // Louis Vuitton: Handbag (option)

Photography: Monica Modzelewski