Back to School, Again

standard August 25, 2016 2 responses

back to school - 1I’m definitely in the back to school mode again. I can’t believe I’ve been teaching for eleven years. The beginning of the new school year is always a bit stressful because there is so much to do from learning about my new students, to writing curriculum and just waking up on time. Time management is very important as a teacher, coach and blogger. Time is a funny thing for me because in the summer I have all the time possible and during the school year, I feel like there is no time at all to get everything accomplished.

I’ll be writing a full blog post on this amazing jumpsuit next week, but I just wanted to document what I wore on my first day of school with a post because I love everything polka dot and jumpsuit ! And yes, I wore a jumpsuit to work; why not?! It’s actually funny how everything in my closet is basically a print or a pattern. I guess I should focus more on adding solids to the collection, but now who has that kind of time 🙂

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