Hurdle Stretching

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quad stretch

quad stretchIt’s that time again – hurdle season and so my workout routine amps up. The most important thing about running hurdles is the warm up with stretching. There is a series of hurdle stretches that I teach my student athletes before they even run on the track. Then after stretching, come the hurdle drills. These are quick and target specific parts of the hurdle running technique. After all that, student athletes are ready to hurdle. I could get all technical in this blog post, but if you’re really interested in learning how to hurdle let me know or if you want a list of the hurdle stretching routine.

I’ve been running hurdles since freshman year in high school and I love the event. I still run hurdles at practice because I want athletes to see how to actually hurdle. Most people think you just jump hurdles, but hearing that just makes me cringe. You don’t jump hurdles, you run them. Safety is also very important. If athletes aren’t careful or lose concentration, then some serious wipe outs can happen. I remember I was running sprint mini hurdles way back in high school and I tripped during a set and totally scraped up my legs and face against the track. It hurt so bad! I just got back up, got cleaned up at the nurse (after I stopped crying) and went right back to practicing.

I’ve been contemplating retiring after this season and although it’ll be bittersweet, I will always love hurdles and seek out tracks with them to keep running them myself. On that note, I’m hoping this will be the best hurdle season yet and hopefully it’ll get warmer outside so we can run on the track instead of the hallways at school. I do have some photographs of me running hurdles, but I’ll save those gems for a possible post season post because even though I’m not competing, I wear my competitive face all the time when running 🙂one leg over the other stretch blogger peggy kollias hurdle stretch hello, hurdle Jambu c/o: Shoes (option) // Nike: Sports bra (option), top (option) and leggings // Ray-Ban: option

Photography: Eleni of Limani Designs

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Vibrant Violet

standard May 18, 2016 2 responses

Vibrant Violet - 4Today is my last day of track and I’m so excited because it’s been a long season, but it’s finally time for my own fitness level to elevate again with all my free time and what better way to get started than by wearing cute workout clothes like this vibrant violet Humble Chic NY sports bra and pixelated floral pants?! No better way if you ask me. My favorite part of the sports bra is not only the color – my favorite (and it also comes in 8 other colors), but I love the criss cross back. It’s so stylish, comfortable and only $24. Use the code likeit for 15% off. My mood is immediately so much better after working out and a little help from the sun doesn’t hurt either. Now, let’s get this school year finished so I can wear these types of clothes all summer long.
Vibrant Violet - 2 Vibrant Violet - 7 Vibrant Violet - 5 Vibrant Violet - 3 Vibrant Violet - 1 Vibrant Violet - 8 Vibrant Violet - 9 Vibrant Violet - 6

Humble Chic NY c/o: Criss Cross Sports Bra (comes in one size) // RBX via TJ Maxx: Pants (option) // New Balance: Sneakers // Old Navy: Shirt (option) // Marc Jacobs: Sunglasses (option) // Calvin Klein: Sweatshirt (option)

*Thank you Humble Chic NY for collaborating with me on this post. All opinions are my own.
Photography: Eleni of Limani Designs

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standard May 11, 2016 2 responses

manuka - 4If you haven’t heard of the brand Jambu yet you’re definitely missing out because they seriously have the most versatile vegan shoes for women, especially these Manukas. Not only are they good for the environment, but they’re oh-so-stylish as well. Honestly, these shoes are really comfortable (thanks to the memory foam bottom) that you almost forget that you are actually wearing shoes AND they are even water resistant – perfect for a wet track/hurdle training kind of day. And by the way, it feels so great having only one week left of hurdle coaching. It’s been quite the season and I’m hoping my athletes set some personal records in the next week. I just have to get through one more invitational and two conference meets and then I just need to get through the last week of school and prepare to bring these Jambus with me for some outdoor all-terrain exploring in the Dominican Republic!

Want to feel the comfort for yourself?! Use the code jambuhallways and receive 10% off your full price purchase! Make sure to tag me so I can see where your Jambus take you and I will definitely be sharing where my Jambus take me all summer long on all my social channels @hallwaysrunways.

manuka - 2 manuka - 5 manuka - 6 manuka - 1manuka - 3

Jambu c/o: Manuka shoes // Boohoo: Tank Top (option) // Xhilaration: Pants (option) // Sweatshirt: (option) // Ray-Ban: Sunglasses // Lacoste: Backpack (option)

Photography: Angie of Limani Designs
*Thank you Jambu for collaborating with me. All opinions are my own.

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