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It’s about time I post some photographs from Montreal. If you follow me on Instagram, some of these photographs might look familiar, but I just love them so much. If you don’t follow me, I highly recommend you do 🙂 Plus, my Insta Stories are ridiculously hilarious; or at least I think so.

Anyway, Montreal is the land of coffee and street art; so basically, Heaven. Enjoy scrolling 🙂

The Queen on see through $$$.
Chai Latte.
More Lattes.Downtown Monteal.
Tommy Boy Coffee.Art Installations Outside the Contemporary Art Museum.Contemporary Art Museum.Art Within Art.Cathedral.Canadians!The Biodome is definitely a must see. It’s the only kind in the world with an indoor zoo, aquarium and botanical garden all in one; the series of ecosystems recreates the four seasons. It’s located in the heart of the 1976 Olympic Village.It felt so cool going from room to room and seeing the ecosystems. The palms were my favorite. I also filmed a penguin video that makes me happy 🙂Last, but not least, there is so much street art every at every corner. I love how artists are able to showcase their work to the public in such a creative way. These were some of my favorite pieces.

I loved exploring Montreal! Even though it was so cold at the beginning of January, I feel like Dina and I explored a lot under the freezing and snowy circumstances. We had a lot of fun and I really can’t wait to go back to this beautiful city and country.

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Quebec City

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ice skating in quebec city

ice skating in quebec city

Quebec City is one of those places where you visit and then fall completely head over heels for and then move there. Well, I’m not ready to move there just yet, but I’m sharing my favorite highlights from my winter wonderland trip with my friend Dina. First of all, Quebec City is only a three hour train ride from Montreal. The train station in Montreal is easy to navigate and it’s part of the Underground City (Montreal blog post coming soon).

I had to wear my Canadian tuxedo while traveling because let’s be honest, who doesn’t appreciate a good denim on denim look. Also, it’s imperative that you wear snow boots at all times. I repeat, if you’re going to Canada in the winter you must wear snow boots. Your toes will thank you forever and ever.  Moving on, the train ride flew by quickly and they even handed out chocolate snowmen to all the passengers. How adorable!!

chocolate snowmanUpon arrival, we took an Uber to Hotel Manoir Victoria, a really cute and renovated boutique hotel located in Old Town and just a few minutes from the train station.

hotel manoir victoriaEvery street is so cute and you forget that you’re constantly going uphill.quaint snowy street in old town quebec citybagages de france We had to go take pictures of Château Frontenac. It’s the most photographed hotel in the world and no wonder because the views are amazing. There’s also a toboggan slide, but the line was really long. Maybe next time. We did find the maple syrup though! It was the best Canadian dollar I spent on the entire trip.Château Frontenacquebec city sceneChâteau FrontenacChâteau Frontenacmaple syrupMore pretty Quebec City scenes. quebec city sceneAnother picturesque part of the city is le Quartier Petit-Champlain. It’s full of little shops and artists and again, every side street is so cute and perfect.

Quartier Petit-Champlainquebec city Quartier Petit-Champlainquebec city Quartier Petit-ChamplainQuartier Petit-ChamplainThe Morrin Centre is also a must see if you love books. It used to be an old prison and has been transformed into an amazing library. You have to take off your boots and wear slippers for the preservation of the wood floors. It felt like I was back in time when I was reading and exploring the book cases.Morrin CentreMorrin CentreMorrin CentreMorrin CentreOf course Montmorency Falls is a must see!Montmorency FallsIsn’t this city just sooo magical?! I really can’t wait to go back, but preferably when it’s warmer out!