Chapter 12, Vol 2019

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Chapter 12, Vol 2019

Chapter 12, Vol 2019

The last chapter of a book is always bittersweet. You want to find out how it ends, but at the same time, you don’t want it to end. The same with Decembers. December is always festive because of Christmas, but it’s also the conclusion of an entire year. You want the holidays to stick around, but you also want them done with. December was busy with lots of Christmas related events, family time and real relaxing.


Honestly, the older I get, the years kind of blend together. That’s one reason I started publishing these monthly Chapters so that I could actually remember what I did! Even trying to find photos for the Chapters, I was like, when did I do that?! 😂 Anyway, I really liked how Vol 2019 came together and I will continue with Vol 2020 this year!

Thank you for following along! I hope we all have a wonderful, healthy, happy and loving 2020!



Being festive @ Park & Field.

Holiday party @ Swissotel.

Holiday Party @ Swissotel.

Santa’s closet @ Swissotel.

Annual Santa photo with Lauren @ Swissotel.

Getting into the holiday spirit @ Chicago River

Brunch pizza @ etta.

Cinnamon bun @ etta.

Anybody else OBSESSED with Baby Yoda?! He’s stolen my heart! Even my students know how much I love him! 💚

My sister, Eleni & Me @ Christmas.

My mom’s Christmas tree. ✨

All I Want For Christmas Is BABY YODA! 💚💚💚

Cute Santa display @ Oakbrook Mall.

Chicago Bears Charity event with Joanne at the new BOSS store on Michigan Avenue.

Chicago Bears Charity event at the new BOSS store on Michigan Avenue.

Find people who make you laugh till you pee.

Yahoo Kusama Infinity Mirror Room @ the WNDR Museum.

Yahoo Kusama Infinity Mirror Room @ the WNDR Museum.

WNDR Museum.

Time Out Market @ Fulton Market.

Greek Night Bulls vs. Bucks @ United Center with Joanne.

Greek Freak @ The United Center

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