Chapter 9, Vol 2019

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Lake Arlington

Chapter 9, Vol 2019

Chapter 9, Vol 2019

Where is the time seriously going? I blinked again and it’s November and I’m now just getting around to posting about September. I checked out a few new places, went to Chicago Gourmet for the first time, enjoyed the last of the nice weather outside, surrounded myself with friends/family and worked on a fun ‘lil project with Greektown Chicago and I can’t wait for it to come out! Enjoy my photo journal!



It was still warm out in September, so I ran at the park as much as I could.

I did a fun ‘lil project with Greektown Chicago 🇬🇷 and I can’t for it to come out!

A must eat in Greektown is Artopolis 😋

Filming and drinking a freddo cappuccino! 💯

Brunched at The Whale in Logan Square.

The spread 🙌

Catching up with my friend, Lia!

Car thoughts: to cut my hair or not to cut?? I decided an inch trim was all I could commit to 😂

First time at Chicago Gourmet with Samantha!

Pretty blooms.

Cloudy, but still pretty.

I saw an advanced screening of “Hustlers” and took a pole dancing class. It was such a workout. I don’t know how people do this! Also, the movie was so entertaining. I’d give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Has another month gone by if I haven’t stopped by Beatnik?!

Vintage luggage for a Limani Event. 🧳

Always an adventure with Lauren!

Lauren and I on another night dancing 👯‍♀️

Launch of the Tricoci Magazine in the 900 North Michigan Building.

Fashion + Flower Show.

Fashion + Flower Show.

With my bestie and my mini bestie: Samantha & Elle 💕

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