Favorite Items

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Favorite Items

Photo c/o Holly and Tanger

Although Cyber Monday is almost over, I’m posting some of my favorite items that I’ve bought this year that are all useful and affordable.

Top Row: 

Zodiac Ring – I bought myself a Scorpio ring for my birthday this year and haven’t taken it off yet. It’s the perfect mix of delicate and statement.

Jade Roller – My friend got me a Jade Roller last year for Christmas because it was on my wish list and again, I use this twice a day every day. It feels nice and cool against my clean skin. It’s like a mini massage for my face.

Velvet Pearl Headbands – I’m still a fan of knotted headbands, so when I saw there was a knotted headband, velvet and pearl combination all in one, I just had to get as many colors as possible!

Middle Row: 

Pearl Ring – Ok, so I bought myself another birthday gift this year. This pearl ring is so simple, yet so pretty. I wear this one on my right ring finger and my zodiac ring on my left ring finger. I just love the two different styles so much.

Pearl Headband – So just by looking at my favorites, you can guess that I love anything with pearls. I love this pearl headband because it has little clips at the bottom to hold it in place. Other pearl headbands hurt and slip off and this one doesn’t.

Pearl Hair Clips – Again, pearl hair clips. Do I need to say more??

Bottom Row

Rose Water Facial Spray – I’ve been a huge fan of Mario Badescu rose water spray for several years now. I stopped wearing perfume a few years ago because the smells were really bothering me and they all smelled the same. This spray I love because it smells so good and I spray it everywhere. On my face, body and even clothes. It’s not a strong smell and you can reapply as much as you want. There’s also a cucumber one that smells great, too.

Microfiber Hair Towel – I read somewhere that you should wrap your wet hair in a microfiber towel because it dries faster and prevents breakage. I have noticed a difference in drying time which is good because then I don’t need to apply too much heat when styling with a blowdryer. You just roll it over and use the button to secure in place while you get ready or even lounge around. I’ve bought one for my sister and mom and they love them.

Lint Roller – Last but not least on my favorite items list is this lint roller. You just need to get some batteries and then watch the magic happen. I didn’t have the heart to throw away one of my favorite sweaters because of all the pilling, but this lint roller saved my sweater. You can really get carried away lint rolling all your sweaters, so just pace yourself 😉


Hope you liked my mini round-up of my favorite items! Let me know if you’d like to see some gift guides.



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