It’s Still Winter

standard April 16, 2018 2 responses

military coat with patchesIf you were looking for some springspiration (I just made that up LOL) on HAMR today, it’s been canceled because it’s still winter. The sixth month of winter to be exact 🙁 I just can’t handle the cold anymore. It’s what every Chicagoan is only talking about lately. Waking up to snow, again, on a Monday morning is not how I like to start my weeks in April. We know we live somewhere where it’s cold, but this is crazy. If this isn’t a sign that Global Warming truly exists, then I don’t know what is?! You can tell by these photos that’s it’s super cold because my hands are in my pockets and I try not to do that for outfits photographs, but I didn’t want my fingers to fall off!!!

On a positive note, I wore these Target booties throughout this entire winter and they have truly held up. They even still look brand new. If they bring them back in stock next year, I highly recommend purchasing them. Not only did they hold up through the crazy weather, but they are stylish and super comfortable. But since it’s been super gloomy out, I feel like an all black ensemble with my military-esque coat pretty much fit my mood. I’m still trying to dress funky, but there is only so much I can do to trick myself to feel like spring is coming. Heck, if spring decides not to come and wants her sister summer to come instead, I will gladly accept her with arms wide open. How are my fellow Chicagoans dealing with the cold still?! If you live somewhere warm and are reading this, please send warm thoughts and rays of sunshine. Okay, off to bundle up in blankets and watch some comedy to cheer myself up. black round bag nicolas sezane sezane handbag and zara coat with patch a new day leopard bootiesZARA: Coat (option) // Uniqlo: Tee (option) // GAP: Jeans (option) // A New Day-Target: Booties (option, option) // Ralph Lauren: Sunglasses (option) // Sezane: Nicolas Handbag (option)

Photography: Samantha Kramer

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2 responses

  • Afroditi

    We’re having some cool rainy days here, too! When we get some sun I’ll send it your way! ☀️

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