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Fiskardo, Kefalonia

The next island on my Ionian island hopping was Kefalonia.Β Β The island is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! I didn’t know that Kefalonia is the most mountainous island in the Ionian and its elevation is really high and of that there were lots of winding roads. It made for a very interesting taxi ride to our AirBnB on the other side of the island. Upon our arrival via ferry, we were greeted by goats πŸ™‚

goats on the road

The locals

Our AirBnB was located in Argostoli and it was right next to a flower shop. It was so cute and I loved smelling all the basil that they lined up outside of the store.



Our first beach trip was to Makris Gialos, aka Costa Costa Beach. It was jammed packed with beachgoers and water sport enthusiasts. We went on one of those rafts and it was so fun!

Costa Costa Beach

Makris Gialos

Costa Costa Beach

Cabanas at Costa Costa

Matching with the Beach

One of the most famous “attractions” in Kefalonia is Mrytos Beach and you betcha we went there. The view from above was breathtaking and the the color of the water was insane. It was beautiful but very wavy and the bottom dropped quickly once you stepped in.

Mrytos Beach

Mrytos Beach

We’re here!



More magical views

Hi, from Mrytos Beach!


Sorry not sorry. More views.

Our next “mandatory attraction” was Melissani Cave. I’ve been looking at photographs of this place forever and it was a dream to finally go there. I LOVE caves and this was such a cool one to add to my list. Can you believe the colors of the water?!

Melissani Cave

Entrance to the cave

Melissani Cave

Another Beach we went to was Xi Beach. This beach was so unique because of the clay naturally found on the beach. We had a spa day πŸ™‚

Xi Beach

Clay Cliffs @ Xi Beach

Spa Day

Clay Mask πŸ™‚

Skin is smooth!


One of the days, I was just eating my Greek tacos when two sea turtles swam right next to me. I was sooo excited to see them!!!

Greek tacos

Hi, buddy.

My new friend

Can’t get over my new friends!

These are a few of my favorite photos from Kefalonia.

Cute cafe

Cafe time

Island charm

Kefalonia is known for their meat pie – it was delicious!

Argostoli charm

Hanging out at the town square (plateia)

On to our last island of the summer… Zakynthos!

Next stop Zakynthos!

Ferry views

Hello, Zakynthos!

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  • Afroditi

    I πŸ’™ all your Kefalonia photos! I love this island!!! Next time I’ll have to try the Xi ‘spa’ treatment! πŸ˜‰

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