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m2057m2057m2057m2057m2057m2057m2057m2057m2057This week is Chicago Ideas Week and Lauren and I attended M2057 by Maria Pinto: For the Love of Draping. We really didn’t know what we were in for, but it was such a great lab and very hands on. Maria and her crew gave us a quick tutorial and history of draping. Our challenge was to create a skirt with draping elements with circle fabric. We only had about forty-five minutes to create a ready-to-wear piece. It felt like we were on Project Runway and had a challenge. I’ve never really thought about designing and making a piece of clothing, but I’m always up for a challenge and it was such an unimaginable experience designing something and creating while Maria Pinto gave me tips. Never did I think I would do that on a Monday afternoon. Thank goodness Lauren was with me because I was hopeless with pinning my garment off the mannequin. I have summoned my mom to help me finish off my project and I can’t wait to wear it!

After our amazing lab, Lauren and I sat down with Maria and chatted about her new line M2057.

HAMR: You’re new line is M2057. How did it come about and how would you describe the line?
Pinto: It all started with a successful Kickstarter. M2057 is fashion meets technology. The fabrics are high-tech and machine washable that are wearable, comfortable, affordable and can be worn from up-town to down-town. 
HAMR: Where does the name come from?
Pinto: It’s a family connection. I credit my mother’s, and family’s, good genes and longevity. In 2057, I will hopefully be one hundred years old!
HAMR: What woman do you see wearing M2057?
Pinto: Any woman. This line is all about accessibility and high-function.
HAMR: What do you want your mark in the fashion world to be?
Pinto: I want to empower women with beautiful pieces.
HAMR: What advice do you have those trying to break into the fashion industry or any business?
Pinto: You truly have to be passionate about what you’re creating. If you truly do not love what you are doing then you see it as work. Don’t settle and don’t count the hours. All the little benchmarks make for big success and never take anything for granted.
HAMR: Michelle Obama and Oprah are a few big names that you have dressed, any others coming up?
Pinto: I’m not allowed to say, so stay tuned.

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