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The Madagascar necklace is one of my favorite pieces in The Gem Lush’s collection. The stone is from the state of Minas Gerais (which means mining and TGL’s hometown) where most of the world’s stones originate from. Brazil is such a vast country with a rich culture and diverse people, yet there’s a constant theme of celebrating life. The stone is so beautiful and it sparkles when the light catches it. I also like the hardness of the stone combined with the delicate and feminine chain. It’s a bold statement in itself. Make sure to enter the giveaway featured earlier this week by Friday.

The Gem Lush: Green Madagascar Necklace // Jeans: GAP (similar/similar) // Sweater: Langford Market (similar) // Wedges: Hermes

Photos: Limani Designs, LLC

*Featured: The Gem Lush

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