George the Salon

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George The Salon

george the salonI looove getting pampered! I’m all about facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and everything else in between. I recently went to George the Salon to try out their new service, a digital detox massage. What is that, you say? Well, if you’re anything like me, I’m on my phone or computer a lot during the day. From typing up lessons and writing my blog, it all takes a toll on my body. I have to remind myself to have good posture and to relax my hands after typing a long time. Here is where George the Salon comes to the rescue! A digital detox massage concentrates on the upper body working out the tension in your scalp, jaw, temples, face, neck and shoulders while moving out to the arms, hands and fingers. Each technique used helps satisfy every need and eases any signs of pain and discomfort.

The digital detox massage was very relaxing. I loved getting my scalp massaged and getting my hair tussled – that’s like my favorite thing in the whole world even more so than manicures. The oils smelled heavenly and I actually relaxed! It’s hard for me to relax sometimes because my mind never stops running. It was also nice to know that I couldn’t look at my phone. After the service, I’ve been better about not using too much technology and when I do, I try to sit up properly, take breaks and roll my shoulders and wrists around for a bit. I feel like my masseuse would be proud of me. On another note, during the massage, you are on your back just in case you were wondering. I can’t wait for my next service 🙂

The digital detox massage is available Thursdays and Fridays.

  • 25 minutes ~ $75
  • 55 minutes ~ $120george the salon chicago
*Thank you George the Salon for the amazing digital detox massage. All opinions are my own.

Hurdle Stretching

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quad stretch

quad stretchIt’s that time again – hurdle season and so my workout routine amps up. The most important thing about running hurdles is the warm up with stretching. There is a series of hurdle stretches that I teach my student athletes before they even run on the track. Then after stretching, come the hurdle drills. These are quick and target specific parts of the hurdle running technique. After all that, student athletes are ready to hurdle. I could get all technical in this blog post, but if you’re really interested in learning how to hurdle let me know or if you want a list of the hurdle stretching routine.

I’ve been running hurdles since freshman year in high school and I love the event. I still run hurdles at practice because I want athletes to see how to actually hurdle. Most people think you just jump hurdles, but hearing that just makes me cringe. You don’t jump hurdles, you run them. Safety is also very important. If athletes aren’t careful or lose concentration, then some serious wipe outs can happen. I remember I was running sprint mini hurdles way back in high school and I tripped during a set and totally scraped up my legs and face against the track. It hurt so bad! I just got back up, got cleaned up at the nurse (after I stopped crying) and went right back to practicing.

I’ve been contemplating retiring after this season and although it’ll be bittersweet, I will always love hurdles and seek out tracks with them to keep running them myself. On that note, I’m hoping this will be the best hurdle season yet and hopefully it’ll get warmer outside so we can run on the track instead of the hallways at school. I do have some photographs of me running hurdles, but I’ll save those gems for a possible post season post because even though I’m not competing, I wear my competitive face all the time when running 🙂one leg over the other stretch blogger peggy kollias hurdle stretch hello, hurdle Jambu c/o: Shoes (option) // Nike: Sports bra (option), top (option) and leggings // Ray-Ban: option

Photography: Eleni of Limani Designs

Moroccan Vibes

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garfield park conservatoryWell well, Chicago, it looks like you decided to have winter after all, but luckily these Moroccan vibes are getting me through the day! One of my favorite hidden gems in the city is the Garfield Park Conservatory. It is way bigger than the Lincoln Park one and there are so many rooms full of such luscious plants and flowers. I do love visiting both of them though. It’s a great place to warm up and feel like you’re on vacation.

This fountain gives me all the Moroccan vibes. Morocco is a place I want to visit, so hopefully that will be happening soon. My spring break is also coming up and for once, I haven’t planned anything yet. I’m hoping I’ll find a last minute deal somewhere warm so I don’t have to keep visiting the conservatory, but that wouldn’t be a bad thing either. I’m definitely in a travel and summer mood though, so any recommendations are welcomed!

Have a wonderful week everybody and stay warm!


Moroccan Vibesportrait with teal bodysuitteal body suit and high waist jeanspink lipssmiling in teal bodysuit with rufflessparkly teal ruffle bodysuitchicago blogger peggy kolliassparkly teal bodysuit with rufflesskinny jeans with white converseZARA: Bodysuit // Levi’s: Jeans // Converse: Chucks

Photography: Monica Modzelewski