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Well hello there, 2018! It’s good to be writing on HAMR again. I took a few weeks off to regroup and I’m glad to be back on a schedule. Sometimes, having long breaks from work throw off my schedule and as much as I love being off from said work, it’s hard to stay motivated and to get stuff done because I’m always like, I can do that tomorrow. I’ve been trying to get better at that though because I want to use my time wisely. I did get to catch up on sleep though and that alone was amazing.

The last few weeks have been really cold, so I had to find refuge in warm indoor activities. One of my favorite places to go to is the Museum of Contemporary Art. Tuesdays are free, so make sure you take advantage of this year round! They were switching up some exhibits when I went, so I can’t wait to go back and see the new art pieces.

I wore my silk robe as a kimono to the museum because the robe itself is artwork. I got this beautiful robe at a W Hotels event a few years ago and the print is Marina City also known as the corn cob towers here in Chicago. Dressing is an art form to me and by being able to transform a robe to a kimono (which is trending) shows how versatile and timeless articles of clothing can be. Not all my clothes are this season’s pieces, but I believe mixing and investing in certain pieces over years is what creates style. Anybody can buy an outfit off a mannequin or website, but being able to mix and match new and older pieces is what makes you stand out with unique style.

Reflecting on where HAMR has come from and HAMR’s future, I want to continue evolving my personal style. HAMR isn’t a cookie cutter blog and by juggling a career, writing weekly, assisting in floral events, taking classes, keeping healthy, traveling as much as I can and on and on,  I’m staying true to my roots/brand. From the beginning of HAMR and before HAMR, I have always been myself both inside and what I portray on the outside. I’m not trying to be like any other bloggers or anybody else out there. I’m myself and this is my journey. I hope 2018 will bring me more personal and blog growth. I love HAMR and I thank you all for reading and following my journey!

blue vintage handbag
Marina City Tower print blue and white blue corn cob towers print how to wear a silk robe like a kimono


Photography: Samantha Kramer

A Peace Treaty: Kimono Robe (option, option) // ZARA: Top (option) // American Eagle: Jeans // Marc Jacobs: Shoes (option) // Vintage Handbag (option)

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