Rough Night

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You have to go see Rough Night starting June 16th! It was such a funny movie and I can’t even remember the last time I laughed so much. I attended a private early screening for the film at Davis Theater in Ravenswood, which includes a restaurant/bar inside and it made the screening all that better!

The director, Lucia Aniello and writer Paul W. Downs (who is Trey from Broad City!) spoke to us about their inspiration for the movie beforehand. Both Lucia and Paul write for Broad City, such a funny show, so I automatically knew it’d be a hilarious movie. The premise of Rough Night is a bachelorette party gone wrong. It is non-stop laughs the entire time and all the actors had amazing performances. I don’t want to spoil the movie for you all, but watch it when it comes out so we can recite lines from the movie together 🙂

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