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school looks 1-3

I started a new daily series on my Instagram stories with school looks. I’ve always wanted to document what I wear to work and since it’s hard to take daily blog photos because of said job, this was the only way I could think of documenting my series without having those annoying mirror selfies. The name itself, Hallways Are My Runways, was a given when I started my blog five years ago because it combined my two passions – teaching and fashion. Students would always, and still, make comments about what I wear and even the boys are interested in my fashion choices. It’s fun because somehow that makes them pay attention in class.

When I was (way) younger, my older sister, Eleni, and I would have composition notebooks and we would write down our outfits everyday, so this is just the upgraded adult version. I’m sure the notebooks exist in some bin at my parents’ house – I should really look for them. We also shared a closet and that was cool because it doubled our options and then when my younger sister, Fay, was about our sizes – our closet tripled! Growing up with two sisters was awesome because of this even though we all had different styles. I think we also started stealing some of my brother’s clothes too. In fact, every time I visit him, he gives me some of his old cardigans and I wear them all the time.

With this series, I’m also trying to not only just document what I wear, but I’m trying to create looks that stay within my budget and trying to make my clothes year-round versatile. At the end of each season, I usually pack away clothes that I used to think I couldn’t wear in the next season, but this time around I’m keeping everything out and not putting anything in bins for storage. I’m also trying not to buy a lot of clothes this year and finding different ways to wear my clothes will hopefully help out my debit card. I’m also hoping this series will make me put myself together every day for work and by this I mean not wearing jeans several times a week. I’ve noticed in the first thirty looks, I wear a lot of chambray – at least once a week and once I find a comfy pair of shoes – I wear them on repeat.

I’m also trying to change the mold of what a teacher should look like or dress like. I feel clothes express who you are and you can still be work appropriate, but have fun with fashion; especially, in a school setting. When I wear something fun or different, I feel good about myself and that makes me have a positive attitude for the day and this enables me to be a better teacher because I know my students are paying attention to everything that I’m saying and doing. I don’t teach fashion, but I teach my students that they can express themselves and be exactly who they want to be and fashion is just one outlet they can do this while learning at the same time.

This is where my series becomes interactive! Please tag me or use my hashtag on social media #hallwaysaremyrunways and show me your (school) work looks! I think it’s going to be fun to share how we each express ourselves even in a work environment. I’m still going strong with my daily looks and once the next thirty are complete – I’ll post the roundup here. It’ll be interesting to see the transition to colder weather.

P.S. I’m thinking I need this top for the next roundup!

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