School Looks 121-150

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school looks 121-123

This is the 5th installment of School Looks 121-150! This is very exciting because there is one short follow up installment and then it’s the end of the school year!!! I can’t believe it, but at the same time I can because it’s been a looong year. Spring finally decided to show up at work the last week or so. Before that, you can see how it was still cold because of all the layers and I was still wearing tights. I’m hoping to see more bare limbs in the next installment. This is also the part of the school year where it’s easy to get in the routine of wearing jeans all the time, but I made sure that at least a few times a week to not wear them and I think that goal was met. There are about two more weeks of school left and hopefully I’ll be able to wear some fun outfits 🙂


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