School Looks 151-163

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school looks 151-153This is the last installment of school looks 151-163! I can’t believe I documented a year of work wear. It all feels a bit surreal because as I’m posting this, another school year has come and gone. Finishing my 12th year in education seems crazy!! I started this self challenge back in August and honestly I didn’t think I would follow through with it, but I surprised myself and am pretty happy with the outcome. Of course there were days wear I put in a lot of effort, but other days just had to be casual or school spirit related. I was able to be creative and not spend a lot of money on work clothes. This challenge made me appreciate the timeless pieces I own and to express myself differently everyday.

I know I didn’t really blog as much this past school year, but I chose to put more effort into daily looks. Now that school is over, I can focus more on regular blog posts. Thank you to those who replied to my Instagram stories and encouraged me to keep posting my looks. It was little bits of encouragement like all that that kept me motivated. If we have to go to work, we might as well look good, to feel good, to do good 🙂

A school year in review:

school looks 154-156 school looks 157-159 school looks 160-162last school look 163

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