School Looks 61-90

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school looks 61-63

Welcome to another installment of school looks (61-90)!  I’m happy I’m sticking out with my original goal of documenting my school/work looks. Based on these photographs, you can probably tell it’s definitely winter based on the long layers and dark hues. I think I’ve done a good job mixing different pieces together that I haven’t necessarily paired with before. Because I’m still trying to wear all my clothes throughout the seasons, I’ve come up with some interesting looks; hence #83. I wore my black summer dress over my sheer long sleeve red top. By pairing it with boots and tights and adding a belt, I think it turned out kind of 70’s vibe-ish. #90 was one of my favorites this month because I felt like a ballerina and because I left glitter everywhere I went in the building 🙂

I don’t plan my outfits ahead of time, even though I should. I usually just mentally run through my entire closet while I’m making coffee and getting my bags together and then by the time I go to my closet, an outfit pops out. It’s weird, but I’m glad my brain and my closet have this system figured out. It’s finally the third quarter and knowing that I’m halfway done with the school year and my self-challenge, makes me really happy.

I’m not linking every outfit, but if you are looking for a particular item, send me an email ( or leave a comment.

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