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Sounio Photo Journal

The first time I went to Sounio, I was nine years old. Going back this past summer was so nostalgic for me and emotional because my siblings and my parents weren’t with me and I like sharing my experiences together with them. I got goosebumps remembering everything and just being there made me feel like I was nine years old. I’m so grateful that I experienced so much of Greece when I was young even though we didn’t do grand things. I really cherish the memories of my family exploring and just being so happy to be where we were together.

This time, with my friends, we went during sunset and it was so beautiful. I had no idea that Sounio was known for its sunset views because last time I went it was during the day. Getting to see another beautiful Grecian sunset under ancient ruins was magical. I soaked in all the feelings I was having to remember that feeling of being present and appreciative. I highly recommend going (about an hour away from the city center) during sunset because it’s so quiet and such a unique experience.

Cape Sounio

Temple of Poseidon


Monica & Me



Sunset at Cape Sounio

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