Kangaroos, Koalas & Wallabies; Oh My!

standard July 7, 2015 2 responses

moonlit-sanctuary - 11I couldn’t wait to post these pictures any longer. The day at Moonlit Sanctuary was one of the best days of my life! I had so much fun interacting with kangaroos, koalas and wallabies; oh my! I never in a million years thought that I would ever get a chance like that. I’m still in awe of how all the animals just came up to me and were totally cool about eating out of my hand. Actually, I think my parents may have loved the experience more than I did or my little niece at that. They were totally acting like little kids and it was just awesome to see that.

I really liked this sanctuary because all the animals were well kept and had a lot of freedom to roam around. The koala was so soft and cuddly. I even brushed my face against him. The kangaroos were my favorite just because they were everywhere and they kept coming up to me. I loved it! Overall, it was such an amazing and unreal experience. If I had more time to go back again this trip I totally would!moonlit-sanctuary - 12

Oh hey, buddy!moonlit-sanctuary - 14 moonlit-sanctuary - 15moonlit-sanctuary - 10A wallaby eating out of my hand!moonlit-sanctuary - 1moonlit-sanctuary - 2moonlit-sanctuary - 3moonlit-sanctuary - 4Hi koala 🙂moonlit-sanctuary - 5moonlit-sanctuary - 6Wombat.moonlit-sanctuary - 7moonlit-sanctuary - 8

Aritzia: Anorak (option) // Levi’s: Jeans (option) // Abound: T-Shirt (option) // Converse: Chuck Taylor’s 

Photography: Afroditi

Brighton Beach Boxes

standard June 23, 2015 2 responses

Brighton Bathing Boxes - 14What a beautiful day it was at Brighton Beach. Although we didn’t go for an actual swim, I did dip my toes in the ocean (sooo cold)! It was so fun looking at all the creative beach boxes. In the summer time, apparently this beach is the place to be with an abundance of activities. I’d sure love come back and have a bbq in one of those beach boxes! We couldn’t have asked for a better day! Brighton Bathing Boxes - 1 Brighton Bathing Boxes - 3 Brighton Bathing Boxes - 4 Brighton Bathing Boxes - 6 Brighton Bathing Boxes - 7 Brighton Bathing Boxes - 8 Brighton Bathing Boxes - 9 Brighton Bathing Boxes - 10Brighton Bathing BoxesBrighton Bathing Boxes - 11 Brighton Bathing Boxes - 12Brighton Bathing Boxes - 2 Brighton Bathing Boxes - 13Banana Republic: Sweater // Levi’s: Jeans (option) // Abound: T-Shirt (option) // Buckfeet c/o: Elephant Sneakers

Photography: Afroditi