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bucketfeet - 17Last night I attended the press release party for the new Bucketfeet store in Bucktown (1647 N. Damen). This is the fourth company store company located in the heart of Bucktown/Wicker Park and the space is so open and welcoming. I love the concept of the company; giving artists opportunities to share their art worldwide. You can read some of the artists’ stories at the store or on the blog.

The concept started a few years ago when Co-Founder Aaron Fierstein designed a pair of shoes and gave them to Co-Founder Raja Nemani. From there, the rest is history and what turned out is a community of people supporting artists and spreading messages that art is really for everyone. You too can be a Bucketfeet designer by submitting your work online or in-store.

I did walk away with an awesome pair of sneakers and I can’t wait to wear them. Here’s a sneak peak. The grand opening is Thursday at 6:30, so if you’re in the area stop by!

bucketfeet - 1 bucketfeet - 2 bucketfeet - 3 bucketfeet - 4Sneakers, sneakers and some more sneakers.bucketfeet - 5Yes!bucketfeet - 6 bucketfeet - 7 bucketfeet - 8Sweets from the Goddess & Grocerbucketfeet - 9 bucketfeet - 10The perfect summer drink from Chop Shop!bucketfeet - 11It’s not a party without some jams!bucketfeet - 12 bucketfeet - 13 bucketfeet - 14 bucketfeet - 15 bucketfeet - 16Co-Founders.

The Costume Institute: Death Becomes Her

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If you have a chance to go to The Metropolitan Museum by February 1st, I highly recommend visiting the Death Becomes Her, A Century of Mourning Attire exhibit at the Costume Institute. I went with my brother a few weeks back and had a great time. Although it was a dark exhibit it was really interesting and the gowns were beautiful.


Here are some of our instagrams from the exhibit:


I also attended my first art installation: tears become… streams become at the Park Avenue Armory. That exhibit has finished, but  there’s a cool video on the website. Again, it was a bit dark, but I guess our theme for the trip was dark art, but beautiful art.


Then we decided to take some photos in Egypt…

the-costume-institute-death-becomes-her the-costume-institute-death-becomes-her the-costume-institute-death-becomes-her the-costume-institute-death-becomes-herPhotography: Dio

Shirt: Vintage Giorgio Armani // Jeans: Levi’s // Ring: Kate Spade // Handbag: Coach (similar) // Shoes: Report (similar)


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Rockaway!Rockaway!Rockaway!Rockaway!Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway! Rockaway!Rockaway!If you have a chance to get to New York by September 1st, I highly recommend going to Fort Tilden and Rockaway Beach. MoMA PS1 is the host of some great interactive art at the Rockaway! exhibit featuring artists such as Patti Smith, Adrián Villar Rojas, Janet Cardiff and others. All the exhibits were mesmerizing in their own special ways but my favorites were Patti Smith’s The Resilience of the Dreamer which is the whimsical gold post bed with white drapes and sheets representing the resilience and courage of victims of Sandy whose entire lives were destroyed.

My second favorite was The Forty Piece Fortet by Janet Cardiff. This exhibit was housed in the chapel and when I walked in it just seemed like there were forty speakers in a huge circle in the chapel, but as I walked around there were different chants at each speaker. Sitting in the middle of the chapel hearing the forty speakers all at the same time was unreal. I didn’t know whether I should be happy because it was so beautiful or if I should cry because I was moved so much by it.

If you can’t get to the exhibit check out their website.