Purple + Green

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purple-and-green purple-and-greenpurple-and-greenpurple-and-greenI’m officially on winter break and it feels wonderful! Sleeping in until seven this morning felt amazing. I’m definitely looking forward to Christmas this week and spending time with my family. Another perk of winter break is being able to enjoy the city and do things I usually can’t during the day. Hence, taking a stroll downtown and finding new local hotspots.

My purple + green outfit is a bit weird, but I love it! Even in winter, I love wearing dresses and fun colored tights add a little bit of my funky flare.

Stay warm out there Chicagoans, I hear it’s going to get chillier this week.

Eyewear: c/o Sunglass Warehouse // Handbag: Burberry (similar) // Tights: Hue (similar) // Camouflage Anorak: Aritzia (similar) // Dress (similar) & Boots (similar) from Greece

Photography: Samantha


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OO O O OO OO. O really? Today’s post is all about my favorite O’s. My older sister, Eleni, is a really great person, if I haven’t told you that already. She’s my number one supporter and my best friend. I always look up to her for advice and am in constant awe of her accomplishments. This is completely different from when we were younger because we would always fight for reasons I can’t even recall, I credit this to my “middle” child syndrome, so I’m definitely glad we, me, grew out of that stage.

My favorite thing I loved growing up was that we shared a room and most importantly a closet. We had an unspoken rule that if I kept the closet organized, I could borrow her clothes. Now, when I go over to her place, let’s just say I always leave with something I can “borrow”; hence, where this sweater came from. This sweater actually has a really cool backstory. When my sister was the manager at The Oprah Store, they had a closet of clothes that Oprah wore and that’s where the softest sweater came from. It’s fun to think that the sweater I’m wearing Oprah and my sister have once worn and it’s from one of the great designers, Oscar.
Sweater: Oprah’s Oscar De La Renta // Faux Leather Dress: Piperlime //Eyewear c/o: Sunglass Warehouse // Ring: Kate Spade // Plum Lipstick: Clarins // Boots: Handmade from Greece
Photography: Limani Designs

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novembernovember november november november novembernovemberIt’s the first Monday of November and I couldn’t be happier. November is my favorite month, not just because it’s my birthday month, but because there is so much happening. The colors on the fallen leaves, scarf season, tights with boots, the beginning of a new school quarter, the anticipation of the holidays and new dresses, of course, are just a few of my favorite things about November.

Speaking of dresses, you all know how much I love them. Rarely, have I ever not fallen for a dress. This printed silk pintuck dress from Territory Ahead is the perfect fall floral dress. I just love all the details – the pleats, buttons and pockets! With my moto leather jacket and over the knee boots, I was able to tackle life’s adventure in the Windy City this past weekend.

Territory Ahead c/o: Dress
Gap: Moto Leather Jacket (similar)
Hue: Tights
Calvin Klein: Boots (1, 2, 3)
Hat: (similar)

Photography: Samantha of Gold Coast Girl

*Thank you Territory Ahead for sponsoring this post. As usual, all opinions are my own.