Cherry Blossom

standard April 10, 2015 4 responses

cherry-blossomIt’s FriYAY (like I even need to tell you)!! Aside from teaching, blogging and coaching, I also love photography. I’m still learning and trying to teach myself how to take great photos. If you haven’t picked up on this yet my sister and mom run Limani Designs, a floral and event company. I’m not part of the creative process of creating the events, but I do get to take photographs of the events and give myself creative titles. My favorite part of their events is the final product. I love seeing all the little details and how everything comes together to make somebody’s event and day really special. I’ve decided to give you all sneak peeks at some of my photography from the Journal and photographs that I like to take; hence, Photo Friday!

When I photograph my subjects (flowers, people, things, places…), I look for a story and not just an image. I love natural lighting and something that is unusually beautiful or beautiful on its on without embellishments. I guess you can call this raw photography. I don’t edit my photos for their uniqueness and original beauty. Take this cherry blossom that was used for an event a couple of weeks ago. I love the contradiction of its longevity. It’s so beautiful, but it doesn’t live long. It was the perfect flower for the event, but it had to be enjoyed in that moment. The fragility of life is such a great mystery to me. We worry about mundane things that we forget to live in the moment and appreciate what we have. I’m guilty of getting caught up in the what ifs and whys that I should be focussing on the wonderful things in my life because life is fragile, but beautiful. On that note, have a wonderful weekend…