Sculls And Crosses

gallery August 20, 2013 Leave a response

Inspiration.  Last week I went for coffee with my friend and right across the cafe was this awesome mural wall.  I checked it out and got “inspired” for a look.  Some people have asked me if it takes me a long time to put together a look and honestly it really doesn’t.  I have a mental snapshot of my wardrobe and can put together a look on a whim. Read More

Stripes, Dots And A Cutout

gallery August 15, 2013 Leave a response

Today is all about comfort. I’ve had this Bar III dress for a while now but it’s one of my favorites! I just love the back especially since cutouts are still on trend right now. I also picked up this awesome sweatshirt-like blazer at a recent GAP sale. It’s a perfect combination of comfort and chic-ness. Read More