Mountain Dreaming

standard September 7, 2016 Leave a response

mountain-dreaming-2I’m trying to focus on reality at the moment, but I’m definitely mountain dreaming! This past weekend in Copper Mountain, Colorado, was amazing. I was so honored to be a part of Kristin’s, one of my best friends, bridal party. I’ve known her since first grade and she was my first friend when I moved to the U.S. I’ll post some photos from the wedding and weekend soon in a photo journal post.

Driving through all the mountains was actually really fun and not as scary as I thought. Every time I go to Colorado, I say the same thing – that everything looks so fake; photos don’t do it justice. I loved seeing everything in lush greens and just being able to explore new places. I posted some photos on Instagram, so check them out and if you were lucky enough to follow me already, you caught some of my live Instagram Stories šŸ™‚

mountain-dreaming-4 mountain-dreaming-3 mountain-dreaming-1

Lush: Romper // Sandals & Handbag: Handmade from Greece // Hermes: Bangles

Photography: Eleni of Limani Designs

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Pink Romper

standard August 15, 2016 Leave a response

pink romper - 1How cute is this pink romper and mural!? I’m going to miss wearing effortless rompers like this one once the weather starts getting chillier. I’m a fan of layers, but I like getting all the Vitamin D possible šŸ™‚ I’m loving my minimalist style a lot lately. It’s also prepping me for work dressing again. I don’t like spending too much time thinking of an outfit, especially when I’m getting ready for work at five in the morning, but I like being put together and professional. Don’t worry, I’ll still blog my favorite weekend wear, but I’ll be mixing in some more work outfits soon. Hope everybody is off to a great romper - 5 pink romper - 8 pink romper - 4 pink romper - 6 pink romper - 3 pink romper - 10 pink romper - 7 pink romper - 9 pink romper - 11 pink romper - 2Lush: Romper (option) // Urban Outfitters: Sandals (option) // Coach: Bangle (option) // Ralph Lauren: Sunglasses (option)

Photography: Monica Modzelewski

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Teal Lace

gallery May 8, 2014 Leave a response

Yeah it officially feels like spring out today! Arms, legs and necks have been spotted in Chicago. What a wonderful feeling being able to shed the winter layers. Iā€™m hoping the brighter weather will motivate me to finally get around to the endless tasks I have to do in the upcoming weeks. Read More