Melbourne Photo Journal Part III

standard July 30, 2015 Leave a response

melbourne - 7Today’s Melbourne Photo Journal Part III is the last installment of Melbourne photos. It is a bit bittersweet though. Most of the images are from downtown. Isn’t Melbourne really pretty and eclectic?! I would definitely recommend putting this city in your bucket list. There are so many hidden treasures and one-of-a-kind places and everybody is so friendly and goes with the flow; Quite a change from the hustle and bustle in Chicago. Until next time…  melbourne - 8 melbourne - 9 melbourne - 10 melbourne - 11 melbourne - 12 melbourne - 13 melbourne - 14 melbourne - 15 melbourne - 16 melbourne - 17 melbourne - 18 melbourne - 19 melbourne - 20 melbourne - 21 melbourne - 22 melbourne - 23melbourne - 28melbourne - 34*The subway cars on the roof of the three story building are actually part of Easey’s burger restaurant – amazing concept and burgers!!

Melbourne Photo Journal Part I

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melbourne - 27I have so many photos from Melbourne, hence the Photo Journal Part I, that it’s hard to pick which ones to post. Here are some of my favorite ocean photos from St. Kilda and Mornington Peninsula. I just love all the different shades of blues. Feels like home <3melbourne - 26melbourne - 30melbourne - 31melbourne - 32melbourne - 33