On My High Horse

standard September 4, 2014 Leave a response

on-my-high-horse on-my-high-horseon-my-high-horseon-my-high-horseon-my-high-horseon-my-high-horseon-my-high-horseon-my-high-horseon-my-high-horseGuys, I rode on a horse for the first time ever and I really really loved it! Yup, I was definitely on my high horse. My horse’s name was Grande and boy oh boy was he muy muy grande. My cousin, Kristina, decided to ride horses to celebrate her birthday and it was one of the greatest ideas of all time. At first I really didn’t know how to “drive” Grande and after a few kicks, my lazy and attitude horse picked up speed. At one point, we passed this grassy field and I just wanted to get off the path and let my horse ride free. That obviously didn’t happen, considering I’ve had at this point half an hour of riding under my belt. I have a feeling that you might see another post about riding again, so just wait for it…

P.S. sorry for the some non-focused pictures. I know I shouldn’t have, but riding and taking pictures was really hard. Don’t worry no human or horse was harmed on the trail, even though I just wanted to ride off into the sunset (no sunset was in sight-it was bright daylight). Clearly, my imagination has taken over this post and too many romantic comedies have been instilled in my head… sigh.