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lisalisa lisa lisalisalisa

Today’s Friday Feature is a classic beauty, Lisa. Lisa and I both started working at the same school a couple of years ago. Although we only worked together for a year, we have remained friends and ironically we work at the same school district now, but in different buildings.

Lisa is one of the most kind-hearted people I know and really down to earth. She’s also newly engaged! Lisa likes sharing where she gets her inspiration on her blog, Mbrace the Day Read more about Lisa’s style inspiration below.  

5 Minutes With Lisa

HAMR: What is your occupation?
Lisa: I am a school psychologist at a middle school in Naperville. I love my job, and I feel like it’s different every day. I counsel some really great kids, teach classwide social-emotional skills lessons, work with teachers to build in supports for students, work with our significantly disabled student population, and help gather data on student performance (academic, behavioral, and social). My job definitely keeps me busy, but at the end of the day, I always feel like it was worth the effort.
HAMR: Describe your style?
Lisa: I would say my style is best described as classic with a twist. I gravitate toward pieces that I can wear with almost everything (e.g. classic tees, good jeans, neutral colors), but I also like adding pieces that are a little off-beat or have a little edge. I think my style is pretty much in line with my mom’s. We’re not wearing the same outfits or anything, but growing up, she taught me that a classic look will never go out of style.
HAMR: What’s your go-to accessory?
Lisa: I love a good statement necklace, and I think it’s one of the best ways to elevate a look. And I know it’s not technically an accessory, but my face is never without Benefit’s Gimme Brow Gel. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and that little tube always takes me from looking like I need another cup of coffee to looking like I actually had a decent amount of sleep. 
HAMR: What’s in your bag currently?
Lisa: Once you wade through all the discarded receipts and miscellaneous papers, you would find 2-3 kinds of lip balm (eos is a fav), my Coach wallet, a few pens, a couple pairs of earrings (you never know when you need to change your look!), and my Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Balm in Mega Melon.
HAMR: What’s your favorite Chicago spot?
Lisa: It’s hard to name a favorite! Lately, I’ve been spending a good amount of time in Wicker Park. I can see The Allis at Soho House becoming one of my favorite hangouts, and I’ll always make time for Pops for Champagne and the Museum of Contemporary Art
Express: High-Waisted Skinny Jeans
Target: T-Shirt
Steve Madden: Slip-On Sneakers
Tart Collections via EVEREVE: Blazer 
Handbag: Loft (similar)
American Eagle Outfitters: Necklace (similar)


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laurenlauren lauren laurenlauren

I’d like to introduce you all formally to Lauren. Lauren is part of the HAMR team; more specifically, strategic partnerships. Her past work experience has been a keen insight into the fashion industry and networking.

I met Lauren about two years ago through her friend Jenna whom I worked with in the Reading department at the school I was at at the time. We definitely clicked from the first “meeting” we had; bonding over tacos and about our love of fashion and blogging. Our meetings are always entertaining and of course productive.

Lauren believes in HAMR’s message of individuality and creative expression though the common bond of the working girl. She wanted to work with a blog that she respects and enjoys reading daily. Lauren believes HAMR is genuine, realistic and inclusive to any woman who loves fashion. She likes the feeling of community HAMR portrays and how HAMR is just not about celebrating me, but finding a commonality with my readers. I’m glad that I met her because she’s great at what she does and definitely has a great work ethic and a vision for HAMR’s future.

5 Minutes With Lauren

HAMR: What is your occupation?
Lauren: I do business development for a data and software company. We offer our clients the information and platform to analyze the financial health of their current and prospective business partners. The clients I work with are multinational corporations and top consulting firms.
HAMR: Describe your style?
Lauren: This isn’t the easiest question for me. I’d say I like style and pieces that are special, beautiful and interesting, but who doesn’t? What makes me fall in love with an item is if it has great design and it’s well made. Right now, I’m into the eccentric furs trend.  I just got a faux fox snood from Etsy I’m really excited to wear this winter.
HAMR: What’s your go-to accessory?
Lauren: Jewelry! Jewelry sparkles and shines; it’s seasonless and it always fits. I believe if I treat jewelry well, it’ll be good back to me. The longevity factor of jewelry is also why I love it so much. Actually, my most prized possession might be a gold and garnet cocktail ring that used to belong to my grandma. It’s the definition of gorgeous!
HAMR: What’s in your bag currently?
Lauren: Receipts! I need to do my expenses… But other than that, there’s  Stila Lip Stain, Revlon Colorburst Lip Balm, CO Bigelow Lip Cream, Mirabella Colour Luxe Lip Gloss, My Charge Energy Shot (portable phone charger/life saver), Philips Extra Bass Earclip Headphones, a Pink-Opal, Iridescent Magic Wallet from Urban Outfitters and my GS5.
HAMR: What’s your favorite Chicago spot?
Lauren: My heart belongs in Wicker Park.  I’m a little idiosyncratic, a little messy and very idealistic about my deep seated dreams. I’ll always love and feel comfortable in the vibe of Wicker Park.
Zara: Sweater (similar)
Forever 21: Top (similar)
Forever 21: Pants (similar)
Rebecca Minkoff: Handbag (similar)
Aldo: Boots (similar)
Michael Kors: Time Piece (similar)
Mr Kate: Skinny Gold Cuff (similar)
Leighelena: Single Leather Wrap with Brass Buckle (similar)
Gold Chain (similar)


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lialialia lia

Friday Feature is back and this week one of my dearest friends, Lia describes her personal style. I met Lia in college when we both worked at the Men’s Polo department at Bloomingdale’s at Old Orchard. She was Greek, I was Greek, so inevitably we quickly became friends bonding over paper folding polos (which to this date I fold a mean polo) and what great items we picked up on sale. Although we were at work, closing on a Friday or Saturday night was always entertaining and fun when we worked together. Needless to say, we both outgrew our retail jobs, but remained close friends. Lia makes everything look effortless and she always looks amazing in everything that she wears; truly a Grecian goddess. She likes to switch up her looks and wear unique pieces. Read more about Lia below.

5 Minutes With Lia

HAMR: What is your occupation?
Lia: I’m an attorney and the cases I work with are with bankruptcy and small family claims.
HAMR: Describe your style?
Lia: Modern, elegant and classic. I like to experiment with my personal style. I get a lot of inspiration from the 30s, 40s and 50s, but I like to put a modern twist to these decades. I don’t like to categorize my style because my look changes day to day. One day, my look may be edgy and a little rock while the next, a bit more feminine and delicate with a decade inspired dress.
HAMR: What’s your go-to accessory?
Lia: A great pair of shoes. Shoes can change the entire effect of a whole look for better or worse.
HAMR: What’s in your bag currently?
Lia: Eos lip balm, Mac cremesheen lipstick, extra peppermint gum, hempz vanilla plum hand lotion (an impulse buy while waiting in line at Ulta) and the basics: wallet, iPhone charger, and documents.
HAMR: What’s your favorite Chicago spot?
Lia: My two favorite Chicago restaurants are Japonais and Hubbard Inn because they are lively, elegant and have unique menus.
BCBG Max Azria: Dress (similar)
Ann Klein: Shoes (similar)
Style & Co: Handbag (similar)
Emporio Armani: Time Piece 
Pearl Necklace (similar)