Military Chic

standard April 25, 2016 1 response

Military Chic - 1I’m happy the weather cooperated this weekend and I got to wear my new fabulous lightweight coat that was seriously made for me and is sooo military chic. First of all, it has the letter P on it and all the patches pretty much sum up my life. Sometimes I think I’m really twelve years old by the things that I find amusing. Who doesn’t want a coat with a dinosaur, flamingo, star, lightning bolt and other random things on it?! Oh yeah, and the not-so-secret lipstick patch on the back 😉 Have a great week!
Military Chic - 2 Military Chic - 3 Military Chic - 4 Military Chic - 5

ZARA: Coat & Dress (option) // Hush Puppies c/o: Wedges // Kelsi Dagger: Backpack (option) // Timex c/o: Watch // Kate Spade: Bangle // Marc Jacobs: Bangle (option) // Ray-Ban: Sunglasses

Photography: Limani Designs

I Have Summer On My Mind

standard March 18, 2015 2 responses

1 I have summer on my mind, lately. This past weekend it was so gorgeous out that it made me forget about the long and cold winter in just a day. I’m wearing a fuzzy sweater as I type this now, but thinking about the warm weather really has me really excited about summer. Really. It’s only a quarter away and just knowing that, it makes me happy. Not that I have anything against spring, but lets be real here, summer is the best. Although my summer break is officially up in the air with possible trips, I can’t wait until the last day of school. So until that glorious day in June comes, summer will be on my mind, all the time.

P.S. Isn’t Samantha’s parents’ rooftop gorgeous?! It really did feel like summer up there… sigh… Off to work…2 3 4 5 6

Photography: Samantha Kramer

Sweater: Gap Factory  // Pants: Forever 21  // Footwear: Old Navy (cute pair) // Eyewear: Ray-Ban // Timepiece: Timex // Wrap bracelet souvenir from San Francisco (similar)

Groovy, Baby

standard March 16, 2015 6 responses

groovy-baby01I’m definitely loving the 70s trend right now. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade, based on fashion trends, of course. This is actually my first time wearing high-waisted jeans ever. At first, I was a bit apprehensive, but I think I really like them. It’s also a bonus that they’re flared. This look was so easy to put together and it makes me feel care free. I’m definitely channeling Austin Powers and feeling quite groovy, baby that is. It also helped that the weather this weekend was beautiful to wear an outfit like this quite early in the season. You won’t be seeing flowers in my hair just yet, but you never know… Here’s to a high of 70 today!


Photography: Samantha Kramer

Forever 21: Open Knit Cardigan & Crochet-Trimmed Medallion Print Tank // Gap Factory: High-Waisted Flare Jeans (similar, similar) // The Mint Julep Boutique c/o: Mules (similar) // Timex c/o: Timepiece // Hermes: Necklace // Vintage Handbag // Handmade African Bracelet