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the-style-networkthe-style-networkIn honor of New York Fashion Week, I thought it’d be appropriate to finally share my interview with the new President of the Style Network, Rida Khan, with Lauren, the newest member of HAMR (more to come on that soon). Khan founded her company Zee Report in 2008 which provided readers in the fashion industry news without any subscription costs. This past May, Khan left Fashion TV to become the President of the Style Network. Lauren and I asked some hard-hitting questions and this is our interview:

HAMR: When is the Style Network going to launch?
Khan: US launch is scheduled for October of 2014.
HAMR: What can we look forward to in the re-launch?
Khan: It’s going to be focusing on the fashion industry, how brands go about designing products,  behind the scene looks, reality shows, informational shows and life style programming. What you see on the runway is only a fraction of what actually happens in the industry. We’re also partnering up with Vogue, so stay tuned.
HAMR: What will make people love the Style Network? How exclusive will it be?
Khan: Before the network wasn’t too fashion focused, so focusing on fashion in all aspects will hopefully gain viewership and have people look to our network for inspiration.
HAMR: Reality vs. Real? What will the viewer come away with?
Khan: There will be no filter. The fashion industry is dramatic and this will be portrayed as is. It’s very intense, emotional and there’s a lot of pressure.
HAMR: What role will social media take on with the new network?
Khan: Everybody wants to feel like they’re right there when everything is taking place. We will try to cover all aspects of our network through social media. We’re even in the plans of being able to shop right from a program you’re watching. People love to see the journey and we want to showcase it all.

*Thanks to TechWeek Chicago for connecting us to Rida and for the above photo from the women in media panel.

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