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thestylisted thestylistedthestylistedthestylistedthestylistedthestylistedthestylistedthestylistedA couple of weeks ago I was invited to the one year anniversary and launch app party for TheStylisted at the Little Goat rooftop. It was a great night celebrating and interviewing the creators of TheStylisted. In fact, the entire TheStylisted team was so incredibly inviting and so so nice (special shoutout to Quenna)!

Here’s my interview with Lauren and Julia (TS).

HAMR: Where did you get the idea for TheStylisted?
TS: We got the idea from being invited to so many weddings and were tired of going to get out makeup done at makeup counters and having makeup caked on.  We wanted a great experience with people we trusted and wanted to fulfill the high demand of freelance professionals.
HAMR: What is TheStylisted all about?
TS: TheStylisted is a service which allows women to book in-home styling and makeup appointments through a network of rated professionals. Appointments are typically booked twelve hours prior for a desired appointment. We have fulfilled all requests to date and special requests through email.
HAMR: Will you be branching out to other markets?
TS: So far we are in New York and Chicago and hope to branch out to other markets as well.
HAMR: What is the main service trending right now?
TS: Our bookings for hair and makeup are about the same.
HAMR: What are your go-to beauty products?
Lauren: Dior waterproof eyeliner.
Julia: Benefit bronzer – you can never wear enough bronzer!.

So ladies, download the app, pick a date/time/service you need, browse profiles of available stylists, add services to your cart, request an appointment and wait for the professionals to ring your doorbell. It’s just that easy.

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