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thirty-sixFeeling very blessed to be thirty-six!

Age seriously is just a number because I really don’t feel “old”, just a better version of myself. I’m still a dreamer at heart, but I’m also more realistic these days and more in tune of what I want out of life. I have a whole support system that helps me follow through on this and I’m just so grateful for all the love from my friends and family. I hope this year ahead gives me more strength, more hope, more courage, more happiness and more love.

On to this fabulous jumpsuit! I fell in love with the color right away and then the whole outfit just clicked together with this knotted headscarf my friend Esther got me from her travels to Italy that perfectly matched. I just love when things fall into place without trying. The jumpsuit made me feel like six feet tall and then all of a sudden all these power poses just started happening. I really do believe that when you’re wearing something you love, confidence will exude from your entire body. It’s such a simple and lovely feeling to have. This is how I want to feel this year and all my other years ahead – confident and sure of myself and my worth.

Thanks for the birthday love!



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Photography: Limani Designs

Express: Jumpsuit // GAP: Jacket (option) // Banana Republic: Shoes (option) // Tommy Hilfiger: Sunglasses (option) // Scarf: Italy (option)

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