Windows are the Eyes to the Soul

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windowsaretheeyestothesoulwindowsaretheeyestothesoulwindowsaretheeyestothesoulwindowsaretheeyestothesoulwindowsaretheeyestothesoulwindowsaretheeyestothesoulwindowsaretheeyestothesoul windowsaretheeyestothesoulwindowsaretheeyestothesoulwindowsaretheeyestothesoulWindows are the eyes to the soul, or is it eyes are the windows to the soul?! I’m pretty sure it’s the latter… When traveling I used to always want something tangible to bring back with me to remind me of the trip like a souvenir, but lately my souvenirs have been my photographs. I feel inspired when I look back at the images and capture the moment.

I can look at a photograph and come back to it years later and still feel something powerful like I can physically imagine myself at that place hearing, smelling, seeing, even touching and tasting my surroundings. I try to take in everything around me because I never know if I’ll ever be at that place again, so I want to feel everything and never forget about it. These are some of my favorite photographs of windowsills and doorways (front lawns) from the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

I always wonder what people’s lives are truly like sometimes inside these doors and windows. I’ll always be that curious traveler wondering what life is like for others…


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