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I’ve been thinking for a while whether I should publish the following post, and here it goes…

I like to keep content on HAMR light and fun with a witty insights into my daily life and about what I wear. There are also those occasional gaps where I describe my absence. HAMR from the beginning has been my corner of the universe, more like web space. It’s where I post my thoughts, my art and where I redirect myself to what I want out of my life. I’ve seen myself grow ever since I’ve started this journey and continue to do so.

With another school year rapidly coming to an end, I find myself reflecting a lot. I think of how the academic year has gone with both my teaching and my life. With teaching every year I have my students anonymously rate my class and explain any activities or stories that have stuck out in their minds. I read their comments and reflect on how I can become a better teacher. I have very high expectations of my students, and people in general, and not only do I teach them reading skills, but how to be the best students/people they can be. No matter what age, everybody is a student learning from others constantly.

The same goes for my personal life. I look back at certain experiences this year and wonder what lessons was I supposed to learn from them. I try to reflect all of my realness through my posts because that’s who I am. I wear my emotions and don’t hide behind my sunglasses. Everybody has good and bad days, but the key is overcoming these bad days and celebrating the good ones. I’m just me and I’m navigating my life through my blog. I’m not comparing myself to others and I wouldn’t want anybody to compare themselves to me either.

People often ask me how I describe my blog and this question is often difficult to explain. My tag line is, teacher with a budget friendly closet, but that’s not all. I’m not defined by my blog, my profession or what I wear. I’m just me. I like many things and have many hobbies. Just because mine may be different than yours, that doesn’t mean much.

I believe I am honest and have learned over the years that I have to be happy with myself first and to truly believe that. I’m not saying this is easy, but I try to aim for this everyday. I guess this all comes with the territory putting my life out in the open, but all I ask for is for some respect and honesty. Life is definitely a challenge, but taking everyday as a learning experience is what it’s all about. On this note, live each day to its fullest and share it with the ones you truly love and who believe in you.


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