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This is my first side by side challenge and it’s only appropriate that it’s with Jill because we bought this J.Crew Amor t-shirt together. It was on super sale plus our teacher discount, so we both couldn’t resist a practically free shirt ($13 to be exact).

I wore it with distressed jeans and some fun accessories and shoes and Jill dressed it up in a floral print skirt and fitted blazer. Check out her entire look at Hot Pink Style Jill It’s really fun to see how different people style the same article of clothing. Also, you can tell taking blog pictures (thanks Jill) is really fun when I laugh uncontrollably (i.e. last picture).

J.Crew: T-shirt // Gap: Distressed Sexy Boyfriend Jeans // Marc by Marc Jacobs: Shoes // Vintage gray sweater // Ray-Ban: Sunglasses

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