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Casa Azul - 16I can’t believe it’s already the second week of December! Time flew right me because it feels like just yesterday I was in Mexico City over Thanksgiving break. Going on vacation over the break was one of the best ideas ever. I had planned to meet my brother, who lives in New York, there and spend some days exploring the city. Our planes arrived just minutes apart from each other and we met at the customs line. It was a cultural and gastronomical trip and sooo much fun.

These are some of my favorite photographs of Casa Azul, the Blue House otherwise known as the Frida Khalo Museum. Frida lived a very interesting and somewhat turbulent life. She fought political issues while painting and writing even though she was severely disabled along with relationship woes with Diego Rivera. I didn’t have too much background knowledge before visiting the museum, but I learned so much about her. One of my favorite parts of the museum, other than the pretty blue hues, was her closet. Because she suffered so much from illness and injury, she created looks/dresses that would cover up her body braces. She didn’t want to have people judge her on what her body was able to physically do, but what her mind was capable of creating and standing up for. I can definitely see why she is a prominent woman hero and why her legacy is so important.

More Mexico City posts coming up this week!
Casa Azul - 1 Casa Azul - 14 Casa Azul - 13Casa Azul - 2Casa Azul - 5Casa Azul - 6Casa Azul - 7Casa Azul - 8Casa Azul - 9Casa Azul - 11Casa Azul - 3Casa Azul - 4Casa Azul - 10Casa Azul - 15

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4 responses

  • I’m totally creeping on some old posts… but was it empty when you went to Casa Azul!? We had to wait in line for almost an hour to get in and it was packed!! It’s such a pretty home and garden!

    I really miss Mexico City and want to go back asap! ha

    • Peggy

      You’re bringing back memories! I don’t think we had to wait too long and we got to explore without feeling rushed. Lovely piece of history for sure though. I’ll live vicariously through you if you go back before me 😉

  • I love the colors!! These photos make me happy 💙

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