Let’s Cliq!

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I love when a new app comes along and this one might be one of my favorites, Cliq. Cliq is a fun interactive way to meet new people in the city. It’s not a dating app, trust me; it’s a way to expand your social circle online and then actually meet and explore the city in person. I know; it’s crazy to actually meet new people in real life!! Once you’ve signed up, you can see who is around you and chat with different groups of friends.

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Samantha, Jesi and I have created our own Cliq group and are excited to share some holiday season ideas. The best part is that you can join our Cliq and hang out with us! All you have to do is find us and start cliqing away!
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TOP 10 Things to do in Chicago:
2. Zoolights and BrewLights at the Lincoln Park Zoo
As a BONUS for joining our Cliq, leave a comment in the comment section or on my Instagram photo and let me know you’ve downloaded the app and you’re entered to win a $50 gift card to Club Lucky!

Download the app here.

*This is a sponsored post by Cliq. All opinions are my own.


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Shyp has arrived in Chicago joining San Francisco, New York City, Miami and Los Angeles. This is an on-demand shipping app. It’s really easy to download and start shipping packages. Get up to $30 in credit when you use this link and/or my referral code [x91hfi31]. Once the app is downloaded, it has quick and easy steps. When the shipment is ready to be shipped, a Shyp Hero (courier) will pick up your package and take care of all the rest. This will definitely be a time saver and you no longer have to wait in long lines.

*Thank you Shyp for the care package. All opinions are my own.