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carousel scene in cavalier

WOW! That’s the best word that I can use to describe Cavalia’s Odysseo: Larger Than Life show. You need to see this show. Period. It was the most entertaining and nail bitting experience I’ve seen, as of lately. The show consists of 65 horses and 48 artists who ride horses, dance, do acrobatics and aerial stunts, play music and anything else you can imagine.

The show is so visually stimulating with its incredible larger-than-life stage that resembles and camouflages itself into the scenes as its own character. The live musicians and singers, elevated above and to the side of the stage in tree houses, are so talented and they make you forget that they are even there, supporting the story.

The costumes have a life of their own. All the beautiful and intricate fabrics wrapped on the horses and hanging from the ceiling are incredible and truly pieces of art. All the time, effort and talent put into the costumes (and show) must truly be rewarding seeing everything come together for this art show.

I went through a range of emotions from anticipation of what could possibly top off a scene, to wondering how they got the horses to do what they did and if they’d stay on stage. I loved the dance/music scenes and thought the carousel scene was so beautifully performed.

The show is in town for only a bit longer (until the end of May) so make sure to grab your tickets as soon as possible and use code SOCIAL for 15% off tickets through show is located on the Soldier Field parking lot and parking is available for $25.

Cavalia at Soldier FieldThe grandeur of the tent.inside the VIP tentInside the VIP tent with beautiful horse art.Horse artPretty horse art (for sale!)Cavalia horse performers Amazing horse stunts. Photo courtesy of Cavalia.Acrobats in CavaliaDrapery and dancing from the ceiling. Photo courtesy of Cavalia.Cavalia horsesAll the horses in the show are males. Photo courtesy of Cavalia.backstage at CavaliaBackstage with one of the horses and performers.standing on the sand stage at CavaliaStanding on the sand stage. Each city the show performs in uses materials for the stage from that particular city.on stage at Cavalia ChicagoAnother shot on the stage after the show. The last scene of the show is crazy good. Can’t say any more!Hallways Are My Runways and Limani DesignsMy lovely sister, Eleni and I enjoying the show 🙂

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