Chapter 1, Vol 2019

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Chapter 1, Vol 2019

Chapter 1, Vol 2019. 

What I really love about HAMR is that is documents my outfits and travel/photography over the years and I love clicking back to reminisce and to laugh a bit at myself. This year, I want to start incorporating my “social media” life and other photos that don’t necessarily make it onto the ‘gram all in one place and what better place than home base – HAMR!!! I’ve decided that every month I’m going to publish what I did that month. My own personal highlight reel. Now, some months may be more exciting than others, but life can’t be cake and vacation every day; or can it?!

This month’s highlight was definitely road tripping to Clearwater Beach with my sister and brother in law. We decided it would be a great way to start off the year. We had so much FUN, relaxed a ton and had great conversations with great intentions for the upcoming year! Also, I couldn’t have asked for a better and more magical way to start off the new year watching the fireworks on the beach! ✨

Then it was back to work, some self care – hibernating, started a fitness bootcamp at work, checked out The Darling in the West Loop, rosé it up’d at The Hampton Social, restaurant week at Bistronomic with my friends, watched The Favourite movie which was so twisted and good, had the most relaxing afternoon at AIRE Ancient Baths (note to self: go again really soon) and finally survived Chiberia’s Polar Vortex 2019.

Chapter 1, you were a great introduction. Can’t wait to see what happens in Chapter 2!



Cheers to 2019! 🎉

I tried alligator for the first time and it was surprisingly tasty 🐊

Hibiscus are turning into my favorite flowers.

Picturesque Lakeland where I saw a black swan at night. I didn’t even know they existed in real life!

Maria By Callas was by far one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. She was a Greek/American opera singer and her story was so fascinating. I highly recommend you see this. Also, the atmospheric Polk theatre is pretty neat.

When on vacation..


Gator heads.

Early morning coffee strolls and dolphin watching 🦈. It was the first time I saw dolphins swimming in real life. A lot of real life experiences happened on this trip.

Soaking up ALL the Vitamin D.

Cute ‘lil place by our hotel.

Sister, sister. 👯‍♀️


The 3 Musketeers.

I really love exploring caves!

We saw a billboard for Ruby’s Cave & Waterfall while driving through Tennessee, so we decided to stop by. The caves were really awesome.

The waterfall was impressive as well and there are many conspiracies if it’s actually real, but nonetheless, I liked it.


Coffee and Coconuts was such a cheerful ‘lil coffeeshop break.

Coffee and Coconut(milk latte)s.

May I say their ladies’ room is FLAMAZING!

Cheers @ Beatnik, Chicago.

My mom 💙

Contemplating bringing back work looks.

First time I’ve been in the fitness room at school. 💪

(Mandatory) Rosé @ The Hampton Social.

AIRE Ancient Baths: the most relaxing experience EVER!

Restaurant week @ Bistronomic. The mussels were divine.

Filet @ Bistronomic, Chicago.

Behind this flower wall is the cutest 1920’s Parisian inspired social club.

Pretty decor @ The Darling, Chicago.

Refreshing drinks @ The Darling.

I went to The Darling twice this month because it’s just that cute!!

The Darling, I will be back..

Polar Vortex, Day 1.

Polar Vortex, Day 2.

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