Chapter 1, Vol 2020

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Chapter 1, Vol 2020

Starting off Chapter 1, Vol 2020 on a sweet note! The last volume was full of ups and downs and things I did not see coming, but I’m hoping there will be some (good) page turners in this volume! The pages of these volumes continue to make me who I am and create my life. I love sharing my life with others because I hope you are able to relate somehow. I’m no expert at anything, but I love sharing what I love and what I’m going through. Maybe not to the fullest extent of what I’m going through on the blog because let’s be real, this is still my happy outlet and sometimes life gets messy. So when life gets messy, I do what I do best and that’s either shop or eat dessert!! I hope your 2020 had an amazing introduction and let’s keep reading to see what this Volume is all about!



Greek good luck bread.

Limani Designs’ holiday/new year party.

I won the LUCKY coin in the Vasilopita (Greek good luck cake)!

Back to school!

The cutest coffee shop in the city! LOVE the decor.

Coffee dates with my sister, Eleni, are the best!

J’adior morning light in my classroom before the day starts is my favorite!

Checked out the new concept by Dark Matter Coffee: Caravanserai.

Chocolate drinks at Caravanserai brought to you by Dark Matter.

Another cozy and yummy place to put on your Chicago list is Saint Lou’s Assembly. They have a fire pit and a back patio.

I’m a classic breakfast kind of girl!

One way that I stayed sunny was to go to Florida with my mom!

My mom and I jumped on a flight and a few hours later we were on the beach! 🌴

My mom and I enjoying Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Never get tired of palm trees.

Finding shells is so therapeutic.

This explains my mom and I so much. We couldn’t stop laughing. I’m the organic seaweed and she’s always the potato chips πŸ˜‚

Enjoying eating outside and no sleeves!

When in Florida: fish & chips and shrimp tacos.


Love the colors of this building.

Went to my friend’s 1920’s themed work party.

Maybe I was born in the wrong decade?!

1920’s & 2020’s

Took a sushi making class at Roka with my friend, Samantha.

Limani Designs’ Lunar New Year celebration! 🧧

Lunar New Year tradition is to hand out red envelopes with good luck money. 🧧It’s the year of the rat.

The best view of the city at night is in the bathroom of Apogee.

OBSESSED with these Gucci tights.

Galentine’s flower workshop with FTD. 🌹 ❣️

Paris312 is so cute! πŸ’•

My favorite Galentines: Samantha & Monica. Met these two through blogging years ago and love them sooo much! πŸ’•



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