Chapter 10, Vol 2019

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Chapter 10, Vol 2019

Chapter 10, Vol 2019

Chapter 10, Vol 2019

October was busy! The weather was also nice for most of the month, so it was easier to get motivated to do things. Did some fall things, saw some art, hung out with friends, put together some parties, partied and overall had a solid month. Scroll through Chapter 10 below.



My mom and I at a pumpkin patch.


Checked out Jack’s Pumpkin Pop Up – so much fun!

Making floral arrangements for my friend Andrew’s birthday party.

Pearl Headband

Photo wall for my friend Andrew’s birthday party.

Andrew’s 30th birthday party was sooo much fun 💗

Cleaning up parties is just as much fun as setting them up.

I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal about my S’well water bottle. Pinch me moment!

S’well 64 OZ Roamer Water Bottle

Second time seeing the HILARIOUS Bianca Del Rio 🤣

Night out at the Ritz with friends.

Holding hands with my love 🤣

We’re such a cute couple 🤣 Halloween fun 😉

I just only discovered the warmest cookies ever. Highly recommend!

Halloween themed bar with friends.

Andy Warhol’s original Campbell’s Can.

Andy Warhol private gallery opening.

Enjoying the reception at the art gallery.

With my friend, Lauren, at the Warhol gallery reception.

With photographer, David Gamble, who photographed Andy Warhol’s apartment after he passed.

Art galleries are my favorite 🖤

LOVED this entire program so much!

Ran a 5K with my coworkers and we raised a lot of money for our school/district!

Got a new hat 😌

At The Table in Oakbrook with my sister. Such a cute cafe concept by Crate & Barrel.

An epic rainbow on my way to work. 🌈

Met Gary Janetti at the Humanities Festival.

Powerful memoir by Gary.


Derek Desierto (illustrator) & Eva Chen (author & fashion guru).

So fun meeting them and I got a copy signed for my niece.

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