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CMX CinemaA few weeks ago, I went to CMX Cinebistro Cinema at Westfield Old Orchard for classic Wednesdays‘ screening of Beetlejuice. CMX Cinebistro (Cinema) is a luxury gourmet dine-in and in-seat service movie theater. You totally feel like a VIP when you go there because the reclining seats with leather trim feel magical and they even give you a blanket. You can order your food/drinks ahead of time and they bring them to you without disturbing your movie viewing. It really feels very upscale and exclusive (you must be 21 years old to go).

Once you eat here, you will never go back to movie theater popcorn ever! I felt like I was eating at a five star restaurant. Make sure to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your show, so you can place your order. Our movie themed drinks were also very refreshing and the desserts were exceptionally delicious. I have a serious sweet tooth and they did not disappoint! The service was also very impeccable and they just made the whole experience so much better. There’s even a call button at your seat and if you need anything you press it and a team member will assist you. How cool is that?! When the movie finished, I didn’t want to leave because I was so comfortable and it really felt like I was at a restaurant and could just hang out.

If you love movies, or just want a fun hibernation activity, I highly suggest going here. It’s not too far from the city and how fun is it to see some of your favorite classic movies on the big screen?! I was just imagining how it would have felt to have seen Beetlejuice back in the day on the big screen and it brought a longing nostalgia of something so simple yet memorable.

Remaining Classic Wednesdays Movies @ 7:00P.M. 2018-
  • 11/28 “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
  • 12/5 “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”
  • 12/12 “It’s a Wonderful Life”
Admission: $16 on weekend evenings, $13 on weekday evenings, $12 for matinee showings on weekends and $10 for matinee showings on weekdays. Seniors and military guests receive admission for $12 every day of the week at CMX Cinebistro.

Beetlejuice Themed Beverages

CMX Cinebistro

Leo 4 ever 😉


Baked Lobster Mac & Cheese – THE BEST!!!

Chicken Pasta

Creme Brûlée

Peanut Butter and Pretzel Extravaganza = HEAVEN!!!

My Friend, Lia

Cozy Blankets

*Thank you Carol Fox Associates and CMX Binebistro for the hospitality. All opinions are my own.

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