Dear Santa…

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Mini Cooper With Hermes Gift Boxes On Roof


Dear Santa…

 It’s officially holiday season and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m ready for all the family time and for all the festivities. Although I like to splurge on some great pieces, sometimes the best things are under $100. I’ve listed some of my favorite products from this year and some items on my wish list. Let me know what’s on your wish lists!

P.S. Don’t tell my dad that my sister and I borrowed his car for this photo 😉


1. Benefit Tinted Eyelash Primer: This is my most favorite product this year. I can’t believe that I just discovered tinted eyelash primer. The traditional primer always left white residue and needed lots coats of mascara to cover it up, but I even wear this primer as mascara. It makes my lashes dark and extra long.

2. Kitsch Metal Bobby Pins Blush Beads: I’m obsessed with anything rose gold and these bobby pins add some flare to your holiday do.

3. Shiffa Jade Roller: I’ve been reading lots about jade rollers and the benefits of them. Supposedly, they boost blood circulation, reduce under-eye swelling and make your skin feel better overall. I really want to try this out!

4. Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Embellished Beret: A trend that I’m hoping I can pull off is the beret. This one is super cute and I love how Blair Eadie designed it.

5. Sheer Socks – 4 Pairs: I’m a huge fan of sheer ankle socks and these ones are super cute. Four pairs for under ten bucks is quite the deal. I wear sheer ankle socks basically every day at work and I love them.

6. COACH Mini Demi-Fine Rexi Ring: I’ve been trying to expand my ring collection for the last few months and I thought this one would be cute to add into the mix.

7. Adelissa Flower Resin Earrings: I have also been lusting over these earrings from summer, so now might be a great time to actually put them in my shopping cart. They are quite the statement piece.

8. West Elm Shadow Boxes – Set of 3: These shadow boxes have also been on my list because of my said growing ring collection. I also sometimes forget about certain jewelry pieces I already have, so the clear boxes would eliminate that problem.

9. Madewell Flannel Leopard Dot Pajama Set: Ok, these are just so cute! Who wouldn’t want leopard dot pajamas?!

10. Old Navy Sherpa-Lined Glitter Moccasin Slippers: These are the warmest slippers ever! They make my feet so happy 🙂 They also come in silver.

11. Adidas Pink Coeeze Crop Sweatshirt: A pink Adidas sweatshirt! Do I need to say more?!

12. Asos Fluffy Faux Fur Green Jacket: A colored faux fur jacket is the perfect accessory to fight off the winter blues. I like this one because it’s extra fluffy.

13. Pink Llama Mug: Ever since my friends went to Peru and got me a llama keychain, I’ve been seeing llamas everywhere, so naturally a llama mug would be awesome.

14. Flamingo Packing Cubes – 8 pieces: This is another idea I got from my friend when she traveled to Greece. She used packing cubes to organize her luggage and I thought this was such a genius idea! There are a lot of cute patterns, but the flamingos are so freakin’ adorable.

15. 2019 Bellini Planner: If anybody knows me, I write down everything in my planner. I actually don’t use my phone’s calendar. There is just a great satisfaction in crossing things off and physically seeing a new beginning with a new planner.

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