February 1st – February 5th

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February 1st – 3rd

February 4th & 5th

A little bit of everything for this week! My first official work from home look 😂. It’s a very cozy look, if you ask me and I love it, so don’t judge. I keep looking at this week and thinking, is that me in all those photos? I feel so different in each and every one of them. I’m telling you, every day is a completely different look. My brain is all over the place with outfits. Overall, it was a solid week. Which is your favorite?




February 1 – Bauble Bar: Name Hair Clip (option) // Holly & Tanager c/o: Sweatshirt // Nike: Joggers (option) // UGG: Slippers

February 2 – A New Day: Sweater (option) // ZARA: Pants (option) // Old Navy: Heels (option)

February 3 – Amazon: Headband // ZARA: Turtleneck (option) // Bloomingdale’s: Dress (option) // Gucci: Belt // Dr. Marten’s: Boots

February 4 – Who What Wear: Dress // Gucci: Belt & Tights (option) // Hermes: Shoes

February 5 – Old Navy: Shirt // ZARA: Pants (option) // Dr. Marten’s: Boots

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