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vital proteins collagen peptidesGood morning! One of my goals for this year was to drink more water. I know you want to know updates on that (haha), but I’ve actually been really good about drinking more. I’ve also been really good about infusing collagen into my diet. Over the summer I went to a Vital Proteins event and since then I’ve been hooked on collagen! I always thought that taking supplements wasn’t good for you, but now I swear by collagen peptides! I’m kind of obsessed with it, actually. I talk about collagen like all the time (sorry guys, now you have to read about it too). I talked about it so much that I now have even converted both my parents to start using it. I’ve even heard them ask each other if they have taken their collagen for the day. They’re so cute.

The easiest way I infuse collagen is by putting a scoop of collagen in my morning coffee. You can’t even taste it, if you’re worried about making the taste of your coffee change. I also can’t wait to go home from work just so I can have my second cup of coffee with another scoop of collagen. It’s the small things that get me through the work day 🙂

You can put collagen into anything like smoothies, water and basically anything else. It’s all natural and there are also many health benefits by taking collagen. Collagen is vital for our bodies and is the basic building block of skin, hair, nails, bones and joints. I swear that my hair has grown so much since I’ve started taking collagen and my skin looks clearer. I also feel happier. I have forgotten to take collagen some mornings and I really feel like I drag on those days. I solved that problem by getting the to go packs and storing some at work. They’re great for travel too.

There are several different types of collagens and forms that I have yet to try, but I hear they are just as great!

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