Hair Style With Olivia Garden

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Hair-Style-With-Olivia-Garden2I’m excited about today’s hair style post with Olivia Garden! I love getting my hair done, but that doesn’t happen as often as I would like. I usually leave my hair down or up in a top knot and when I get bored with that, I usually chop off all of my hair. For those times in between hair styles, I love wearing braids. A favorite hair style of mine is a side faux French and fishtail braid bun.

First, I sprayed my hair with dry shampoo.Hair-Style-With-Olivia-Garden4Then I brushed my hair with my Olivia Garden Divine wet detangler brushHair-Style-With-Olivia-Garden3I started braiding with three pieces of hair from the top of my head and every loop I grabbed more hair.
Hair-Style-With-Olivia-Garden5I stopped braiding when I reached my ear. Then I brushed the remainder of my hair to smooth it altogether.
Hair-Style-With-Olivia-Garden6I then fishtail braided the rest of my hair.
Hair-Style-With-Olivia-Garden7I then looped my hair around on the side of my head and used some hairspray to keep everything put.
Hair-Style-With-Olivia-Garden8Voila – the perfect faux French fishtail braid!
Hair-Style-With-Olivia-Garden9What do you think? Easy and cute right?!Hair-Style-With-Olivia-Garden1

Photography: Limani Designs

This post is sponsored by Olivia Garden. All opinions are my own.

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