Hello, Spring!

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hello-springHello, Spring! I’ve been waiting for you for a looong time. I can’t wait to see all the flowers bloom and to see color everywhere. My mood definitely gets better when the weather does. I know it shouldn’t, but I can’t help myself. I’m also excited for spring not only because I get to wear my favorite dresses, but it’s a lot easier to practice my photography when it’s nice out.

On another note, I created this print with my own picture. Isn’t it so cute?! It’s really easy to make prints like this right on your phone. First, take a picture of a subject. I chose these beautiful pink flowers from when I went to the Lincoln Park Conservatory a few weeks back. I like to use VSCOcam app (free, but you can upgrade for more filters) because it gives you filters, like an original Kodak photo. Remember those and when you actually had to print out your photos and heaven forbid wait an hour to get them back?! Then I used the A Beautiful Mess app (only $0.99 – a bargain if you ask me to upgrade your skills) by using my photo as the background and then choosing the border and writing the text. It’s really that simple.

Try it out and let me know what you create.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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