How To Boost Your Mood Instantly

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floral greens

There’s one trick onΒ how I boost my mood instantly.FLOWERS!!! I’m lucky to be surrounded by flowers all the time with Limani Designs (my sister’s and mom’s event and floral design company). I wish I had a green thumb, like my mom, but I haven’t found mine yet. I was able to keep some cacti alive for a few years, but then they decided to move onto another life. I digress, flowers are such a great way to boost your mood. They instantly make me smile and they just smell so pretty. Because we have such a long winter in Chicago, I think it’s very important to keep as many flowers around as possible. I even like buying flowers for my classroom. Mariano’s usually has a great selection and if it’s between buying an extra coffee or a few stems, I always opt for the stems!

Eleni and I rearranged wedding centerpieces to make bouquets because our favorite bride wanted to donate them to a Greek-American rehabilitation center. That was such a thoughtful gesture from the bride and I’m sure the flowers brought smiles to everybody! Even though we spent a few hours rearranging the flowers, both Eleni and I were happy and loved doing it. It’s impossible to be around flowers and not be happy or smile.

Life is hard sometimes, but I have to remind myself to stop and smell the flowers because I see flowers as a symbol of peace, calm, hope and beauty in the world.



greens long stems donating wedding centerpieces black and pearl beret limani designs flowers pearl beret Limani Designs Flower Bouquets

Photography: Limani Designs
Location: Wheeling, Illinois

Halogen X Atlantic Pacific: Beret (option, option) & Pants (option) // Kensie: Coat (option) // Franco Sarto: Cody Boots (hidden in the snow πŸ˜‚ )

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